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СThis is not a typical French comedy. A thought-provoking drama. Of course, one of the brightest premieres that appeared on Russian screens in 2012 year. The film winner of the awards "Cesar", "Georges", "Goya" and many others. If you still have not seen the touching, funny and instructive picture of "1 + 1", do not miss the chance to watch it online as soon as possible.
Philip, an aristocrat who became paralyzed in an accident, is seeking an assistant with the functions of a nurse. He does not just need a man who would become his arms and legs and - he needs someone who can be trusted. In his mansion, Philip conducts a careful selection of candidates, but to the bewilderment of those around him, the job comes to someone who seems to be the least suitable for her - a black guy who grew up on the outskirts and just released from prison. What can a wealthy paralytic and uncouth street bump have in common? That's right, nothing. But perhaps this is the point?

1 + 1 / Watch full movie

1 + 1 / Watch full movie

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