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Under the Heel (2015) Series / Melodrama / Russia

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Serial pod kablukom Rossia

ЖAt first glance, the marketer and advertiser Konstantin seems more than successful: a woman, who is the meaning of his life, answered “yes” to the most exciting question; favorite work, which brings not only moral, but also physical satisfaction, in the form of a fairly high income. But the tale did not last long: after the unexpected death of the father on the shoulders of the protagonist of the “Under the Heel” series 2015, online business turns out to be a family business - a company that produces shoes for women, in addition to which helpless relatives who always sat around the neck of the head of the family are waiting that he will solve all their problems.

At first, the main character is very difficult. He practically pays no attention to the bride and daughter, and the mother also avoids him. But less than all the precious time of Constantine gets his first wife and daughter from his first marriage. Family affairs also never interested him. But now after what happened, Konstantin has changed a lot, matured and became a support for all the women around him. He does not give in to a rush, as he did before. Now, gathering his strength, he stood at the helm and began to lead not only the family business, but also his life.


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