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Гto the main hero the film, air traffic controller Dylan managed to prevent a terrible catastrophe that almost happened in the sky during the fateful hours 2:22... First, a bright flash lit the sky, then he noticed on the monitor the approach of two passenger planes. Moreover, until this moment, such an event had not been observed - the situation remained calm, all systems were operating in a normal mode, the personnel closely followed the movement of the boards in the sector entrusted to him.

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The flight of all crews proceeded normally. If the technical means functioned as usual, and could not provoke the approach of huge air liners to a critical distance, one single conclusion suggested itself - the human factor.

This fatal case destroyed his measured and calm existence. The chain of strange and incredible events leads him to meet a young woman Sarah. Their further communication leads to the fact that both understand some connection with the event that happened in the distant past. Now their life is in danger, They may not meet more the next day, they have to act immediately and decisively.

Trailer in Russian for the film “2: 22” - 2017


The slogan of the film is “The future is subject to those who rule the past”

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Country: Australia, USA
Director: Paul Curry
Scenario: Todd Stein, Nathan Parker
Producer: Paul Curry, Bruce Davey, Jody Matterson, Bill Mekanik, Jackie O'Sullivan, Todd Stein, David Wheely.
Operator: David Eggby
Production: Lightstream Entertainment, Pandemonium, Screen Australia
Composer: Lisa Gerrard
Genre fiction, thriller, thriller

Cast: Micheal Huisman, Teresa Palmer, Maeve Dermody, Sam Reed, Simone Cassell, John Waters, Kerry Armstrong, Mitchell Boutel



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