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November 2016

Comedy Vumen - Shop assistant in a fashion store

Wherever boutiques and concept stores go around in Moscow, soon the newsstands will probably be showrooms.) And it’s not even this that scares you, not even the astronomical prices, but the horny and annoying salespersons of the consultants in these very fashionable stores. :) ...

Comedy Vumen / Morning after corporate party

On the part of strengthening the team spirit, corporate parties are extremely useful and necessary thing. They are required for people to spend time together, talk, converge. But it happens that people get close, and with whom the next morning ...

Comedy Club - First Female Refrigerator

The naughty and very positive residents of Comedy Crab, Mikhail Kukot and Igor Chekhov, played a funny scene, where, at the first world, a refrigerator for women created in Skolkovo, immediately a buyer is located. He can tell how many calories are in ...

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