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January 2017

Ural dumplings - Admission to school

Filled with fun and everyday humor, a number from the Ural Pelmeni - Admission to school will be clear to everyone who has children. Parents doubt the choice of school, but thoughtful teachers find ways to keep rich parents ...

Comedy Vumen - Office Romance

Among the majority of inexperienced girls there is an opinion that office romance is easy and fun. Romantic shoot-out, ooh-sighs, secret dates in the buffet or at the cooler, love correspondences in corporate mail, but in reality ...

Comedy Vumen - Former Call Coach

In this funny scene from Comedy Vumen, the call coach for the former gives a master-class to young girls abandoningly sipping champagne in a bar. Calling the former is an art, but even the coolest adviser can have a heart beat at the sight of ...

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