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June 2018

Quarter 95 - Charter flight.

Quarter 95 - Charter flight. Evening quarter. The most difficult profession associated with tourists is charter, no, this is not a hotel maid, not an animator or even a bartender - these are airplane pilots. You ask which one? So, there was the 8th ...

Quarter 95 - Traffic Cop (Yesiishnik)

Quarter 95 - Traffic cop (Traffic cop) Recently, it has become fashionable among motorists to shoot traffic police officers on mobile phones and upload this video to YouTube, in which traffic police officers look not in their best light. This scene is about ...

Ural dumplings - Martian

Ural dumplings - Martian Watching another funny scene from the Ural Dumplings means once again adding a good mood to your piggy bank - a lot of positive emotions) This time, on the colonization of Mars, ...

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