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About the plot of the series "25 hour" 2019 online / 16 series / Drama / Mystic / Crime / Fantasy / Channel One / Russia

г25 Online, an exciting heroine of the exciting series “2019 Hour” with mystical content on the first channel Anna Gromova (Tatiana Arntgolts) - An extremely unusual item as a gift for an employee of a popular city newspaper. Anna is a thirty-year-old person, very attractive and hardworking and is considered the best journalist for a reason.

Pretty is not accustomed to retreat in an attempt to find a good plot. It often happens that the heroine is at the very epicenter of terrible events in order to comment or describe what is happening from the inside. And if at work everything is wonderful, then in the personal life of Anna there is a real chaos. Relationship with her husband did not work out, in the end they divorced. And this led to a misunderstanding in relations with his beloved son.

Once, while working, a journalist unexpectedly rescues a boy, the grandson of a local watchmaker. A man wants to thank the beautiful woman and gives her an unusual watch. More precisely, it is difficult to call a little thing thrown into the pocket imperceptibly as a gift. Soon, the heroine received an unusual ability. She can turn the clock back on the hour.

This is amazing! But she cannot use the gift to the full, because the force is connected either with her or with her close ones. But the clock did not become the main subject in its new endeavors. The fault was the intuition of beauty, and the ability to foresee any events thanks to their own instincts. How will the story develop in the future?



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Country: Ukraine

25 hour 2019 - Release date and information about the series:

Director: Nikolay Mikhailov
Screenwriters: Alexander Zelenko, Anna Olkhovskaya, Yana Dubinyanskaya, Yaroslava Segal, Yevgeny Grigorenko, Nikolay Mikhailov
Operators: Vladimir Ivanov, Alexander Onopienko
Composers: Timur Polyansky, Yuri Zdorenko
Artist: Alexander Zaslavsky
Producers: Larisa Zhuravskaya, Vladislav RyashinseriActors: Anton Khabarov, Tatyana Arngthev, Zhanna Epple, Alexander Kobzar, Taisiya Shipilova, Nikolai Ivanov, Nikolai Boklan, Victoria Bilan, Valery Skovronsky, Sergey Romanyuk, Fyodor Gurinets, Beso Gatin, Sergey Bovlan, Sergey Romanyuk, Fyodor Gurinets, Beso Gatin, Berez Gatryn Petr Sova, Evgeny Kaporin, Sergey Safronchik, Fedor Godyna, Victoria Karpinskaya

Production: Star Media
Premiere: 1 July 2019 (The first channel)
Series: 12
Genre: Crime TV series, fantasy, drama, mystic

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The official instagram actress Tatyana Arntgolts (Tatyana Arntgolts) / Photo - Video

The official instagram actor Anton Khabarov (Anton Khabarov) / Photo - Video

Images from the series “25 hour” 2016-2019 Ukraine | Photos of actors

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