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40 + or Geometry of Feelings Series (2016) watch online melodrama

Smotret serial 40 + ili geometriya chuvstv 2016 youtebem.com

Смотреть фильм 40+ или Геометрия любви 2016 онлайн украинская мелодрама все серии

About the plot of the Ukrainian series “40 + or Geometry of feelings” 2016 / Melodrama / Ukraine

эThat melodramatic film “40 + or The Geometry of Feelings” 2016 online is divided into four small series, which proves that after forty years, life only takes its run, and female happiness can catch up even at this time. Watching the incredible interweaving of fate will be especially interesting for those who are gradually approaching this age or have already reached it.

The main characters of the series are three women - Maria, Olga and Anastasia. From an early age, all three were confident that they could achieve great success in various fields. But contrary to all expectations, the heroines each approached their forty years in their own way unhappy.

What went wrong in their lives? Maria was able to move up the career ladder well, but she could not meet the man of her life. Maybe this is Nikita, with him earlier the girl had a not quite simple story, and here he appeared again in her life. Will the relationship of the characters this time?

When Olga married, she believed that her husband was very talented and could achieve a lot. But after so much time, she realized that she lived with an unrecognized, in his words, genius, and now spends time with her lover. But Nastya loves her husband, but one can hardly say that this marriage is rosy. A couple can not give birth to a child.

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A country: Ukraine

40 + or Feeling Geometry / 40 +, or Love Geometry 2016 - TV Show Information and Release Date:

Director: Oksana Bayrak
Screenwriters: Galina Salgarelli, Oksana Bayrak, Elena Serova
Operator: Igor Shcherbakov
Composer: Valery Tishler
Producers: Victor Mirsky, Oksana Bayrak, Yevgeny Tretyak

Actors: Irina Efremova, Anastasia Bunin, Olga Sidorova, Andrei Stoyanov, Oleg Maslennikov-Voitov, Sergey Frolov, Dmitry Mazurov, Ivan Kolesnikov, Dmitry Tuboltsev, Mikhail Dorozhkin, Irina Kalashnikova, Elena Radevich, Mila Sivatskaya, Klavdia Drozd, Olga Berezkina, Stalin Lagoshnyak, Anna Sagaydachnaya

Production: Film.ua
Series: 4
Premiere: December 31 2016 (STB, Ukraine), September 10 2017 (Home, Russia)
Genre: Melodramalove movies

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