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A.L.Zh.I.R series (2019) NTV watch online free history


Смотреть фильм Алжир c Гусевой на канале нтв все серии подряд история

About the plot of the series "ALGERIA" 2019 Online / 11 Series / History / Drama / NTV Channel / Russia 

Гthe heroes of this historical and dramatic series “ALZHIR” 2019 online on NTV were quite famous personalities at the time. Each had to accomplish much in order to have her name imprinted in history. Why did they hit the death row cell? The answer to this question turned out to be easier than ever - because of the mistake of their spouses, because of betrayal and their own pride. Artists who are married to scientists and public figures appear before the viewer.

All of them were once recognized as enemies of the people, and then it was decided to send them to a fortress on the territory of Kazakhstan, which is popularly called Algeria (Akmola Camp for the Women of the Traitors). Here, the characters have to live out their lives, confront injustice and hope for the best, until the end of suffering. In this place they are destined to meet their enemies, make friends and those who will be dangerous or become an obstacle for the heroines on the way to their happiness.

Someone will survive the hardest suffering and humiliation, someone really break the circumstances, but will have to go on in life with his head held high. Everyone should understand what kind of modernity it is to fight for so many years. What will come of it, and who is behind all this, that will be well-being. No one has any doubt that everything will be fine.

Akmola camp existed from 1938 to 1953 years and was recognized as one of the most severe and cruel, the film covers the period of its operation from 1938 to 1945 years. On the territory covering more than 30 000 hectares, more than 8000 women from all over the Soviet Union were serving their time.

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A country: Russia

Russian TV series "Algeria" 2019 NTV with Guseva - Information about series and release date:

Director: Alexander Kasatkin
Screenwriters: Oleg Sirotkin, Marietta Zakharyan, Natalia Budkina
Operator: Ruslan Gerasimenkov

Actors: Daria Ekamasova, Yekaterina Guseva, Kirill Pletnev, Alexei Shevchenkov, Mikhail Evlanov, Klavdiya Korshunova, Vladimir Mishukov, Kirill Polukhin, Olga Lapshina, Maxim Saprykin, Dina Tasbulatova, Kirill Nazarov, Igor Grabuzov, Marina Petrenko, Anna Zharinov, Anna Zahrunov, Kirill Nazarov, Igor Grabuzov, Marina Petrenko, Anna Zharovina Ekaterina Zinovyeva, Ekaterina Ageeva, Inna Sukhoretskaya

Production: Film Company "Kinograd"
Premiere: 17 Jun 2019 (NTV)
How many episodes: 11
Genre: Detectives, historical seriessocial drama

Images from the TV series “Algeria” 2019 NTV Russia | Photos of actors


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