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Midwife 2 New Life Series (2019) watch melodrama online

Smotret serial Akusherka 2 novaya zhizn 2019 youtebem.com

Смотреть фильм Акушерка 2 Новая жизнь 2019 всен серии подряд в хорошем качестве hd 720

About the plot of the series “Midwife New Life 2 season” 2019 / Melodrama / Russia 1

ТYatyana Skvortsova (Irina Pegova) used to be incredibly happy and was confident that without any problems cope with the difficulties that arise in her way. She was ready for anything, but certainly not for the betrayal of her husband. Much to her chagrin, she found out about this and now has no idea what to do. Marriage is naturally destroyed and one has to hope that she will overcome all the obstacles that will stand in her way.

She has to cope with difficulties and this is where her favorite work helps. Everything is really wonderful and there she can distract from spiritual experiences. main character series “Midwife 2 New Life” 2019 online on Russia channel works as the head physician and everything goes the best way. We have to hope only for a positive result and try to believe that everything will be the same in the future. And recently, she meets a man named Dima (Vladimir Epifantsev).

She was sure that it was, after all, the very dream man she constantly thought about. He will never betray her and everything will be fine. But fate decided again to throw her one test, when suddenly Dima was found in a pool of blood. She will have to urgently figure out the whole situation and try to cope with the troubles that can stand in her way. What does this lead to and what will be the outcome of this whole situation?



Russian film “Midwife 2 New Life"2019-2020 watch all series in a row online

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Midwife 2 Season New Life - FILM INFORMATION:

A country: Russia

Director: Stanislav Libin
Writer: Evgenia Mikhailova
Operator: Anton Kostromin
Composer: Oleg Ladov
Artist: Vadim Shafransky
Producers: Mikhail Rossolko, Vladimir Utin, Alexander Kushaev, Gleb Shprigov, Margarita Iskandarova

Actors: Irina Pegova Vladimir Epifantsev Alexander Makogon Natalia Gudkov, Valentine Lyapina, Alexander Makarov, Mikhail Stenin Veronica Plyashkevich Paul Polubabkin, Seraphim Krasnikova Tatiana Timakova, Julianna Mihnevich Paul Yuzhakov-Harlanchuk Maxim Radugin, Alexander Naumov, Nikolai Kirichenko, Tatyana Ruzhavskaya, Olesya Puhovaya, Andrey Davidyuk, Maria Vozba, Olga Dyatlovskaya, Sergey Zhbankov

Premiere: 4 March 2019 (Россия 1)
Series: 8
Genre: melodramafilms about family and love series about medicine and doctors


The official instagram actress Irina Pegovoy (Irina Pegova) / Photo - Video

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The official instagram of actor Vladimir Epifancev (Vladimir Epifancev) / Photo - Video

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Images from the series “The New Midwife 2 New Life” 2019 Russia | Photos of actors



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