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Смотреть фильм Алекс Лютый 2019 онлайн исторический детектив с Сергей Пускепалис

About the plot of the series "Alex Fierce" 2019-2020 online / 12 episodes / History / Detective / NTV Channel / Russia 

в Moscow region killed a famous writer. This incident happened shortly before he managed to release his next work. He wanted to tell this world a story that developed during the Second World War. The main hero of this historical detective series “Alex the Fierce” 2019 online on NTV becomes a policeman of Hitler, nicknamed Alex Lyuty (Alexander Yukhnovsky). The author for a long time looking for him as much as possible information.

When Alex was a seventeen-year-old boy who recently graduated from school, he suddenly decided to go over to the side of the Germans. He decided to become part of the enemy, and it is worth noting that he succeeded quite well in this. He was a simple translator for the Germans, but rather soon he gained authority and was entrusted with a weapon. As stated in the official data, this person died in the 1944 year.

The writer considered that the biography of this young man might seem fascinating to the public, and it is worth studying it more carefully. The man was very interested in what made the teenager go against his homeland and his people. After some time, when the writer was engaged in finding information from the biography, the man came to the conclusion, moreover, very unexpected. There is a possibility that Fierce is still alive and living among ordinary people.

Trailer - filming TV series | Premiere: 22 2020 June


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A country: Russia

Russian series “Alex Lyuty” 2020 - Information about series and release date:

Director: Leonid Belozorovich
Screenwriters: George (Egor) Golovenkin, Ramil Yamaleev, Alexey Sashin, Yulia Shunto, Yuliya Baeva
Operator: Svetlana Kruglikova
Artist: Sergey Filenko
Producers: Anna Olshevskaya, Irina Bark

Actors: Sergey Puskepalis, Yuri Itskov, Alexey Kirsanov, Dmitry Mulyar, Vladislav Konoplev, Anastasia Mitrazhik, Ekaterina Reshetnikova, Dirk Martens, Gennady Smirnov, Andrei Zibrov, Dmitry Sutyrin, Miroslava Mikhailova, Anton Chernov

Production: “OJSC - TV Company (NTV) "
Premiere: 22 June 2020
Series: 12
Genre: Detectives, historical series, crime, movies about the war


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Images from the series “Alex Lyuty” 2019-2020 NTV Russia | Photos of actors



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