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Wild series (2022) Ukraine watch online free comedy

About the plot of the series “Wild Season 1 / Wild” 2022 | Comedy | Episode 16 | Ukraine The comedy series "Wild" 2022 is a daring short film about the current problems of society, allowing you to look at everyday situations from an unexpected angle. Heroes from various historical times find themselves in extreme conditions, which turns into a provocative frenzy and farce. Every story […]

Forgive yourself series (2022) Ukraine watch online melodrama

About the plot of the series “Forgive yourself / Vibachiti sobi” 2022 | Melodrama | 4 episodes | Ukraine The heroine for a long time kept silent from those around her a terrible secret that tormented her. Once upon a time, she lived in an insignificant town in the outback. She had a baby. However, being was formed in a similar way, the fact that the daughter had to leave the acceptance […]

The Pythagorean Theorem Series (2020) watch online melodrama for free

About the plot of the series "Pythagorean Theorem" 2020 | Detective | Melodrama | 8 episodes | Channel Russia Everyone knows from school what the Pythagorean theorem is. However, if in terms of geometry everything in it has long been understood and studied, then life triangles cannot boast of the same simplicity. It is not always possible to insert the necessary formula into them and [...]

Mednoe ringlet series (2021) Ukraine watch online melodrama for free

About the plot of the series “Copper Ring / Midna Hoop” 2021 | Melodrama | 4 episodes | Ukraine Vera is a medical student, and Roman has achieved great success in sports. And when they saw each other, the heroes instantly realized that this was love at first sight. The couple thought about plans and were carefree happy. They thought that […]

Two series (2021-2022) watch online free comedy

About the plot of the series “Two” 2021-2022 | Comedy | 7 episodes | Russia The main characters of the comedy series are two unlucky plumbers, Lekha and Zheka, who constantly get involved in dubious adventures in the hope of getting rich and earning a “good” life. But for some reason they are systematically unlucky. Lekha, who tends to act before he thinks, hatches a new plan with each episode on how to […]

French near Moscow movie (2022) watch online free comedy

About the plot of the film “The French near Moscow” 2022 | Comedy | Russia The main characters - the Petrikov family and the Petrikoff-Lucien couple, who arrived from France, inherited from their common ancestor. This wealthy and high-ranking relative was a general. The officer left a cottage in a luxurious village to his descendants. Of course, such an expensive inheritance became a tasty morsel that quarreled relatives […]

Nevsky season 5 Hunt for the Architect series (2022) NTV watch online

About the plot of the series “Nevsky-5 season Hunting for an Architect” 2022 Crime | Detective | Drama | Russia | NTV channel This head of the criminal investigation department never gets tired of the service, where he performs very complex and very difficult duties by profession. Pavel Semyonov is a major. He got into trouble more than once, managed to solve all the problems [...]

Passengers TV series (2020) watch online for free all series of drama

About the plot of the series "Passengers" 2020 | Mysticism | Drama | 8 episodes | Russia The Russian TV series "Passengers" 2020 is a new Russian dramatic film with a touch of mysticism and supernaturalness of what is happening. Aimed primarily at the person's awareness of their uniqueness. It shows the life of Andrew, who, thanks to his gift, has the status of a modern Chiron. He succeeds in this [...]

Family serial (2022) STS watch online free comedy

About the plot of the series "Family" 2022 | Comedy | 17 episodes | Channel STS | Russia The main characters of the comedy series, the poor Nesterov family, regularly encounter problems asking for an early decision. For seventeen years of mutual life, they had to go through all kinds of difficulties, eliminate trials, experience difficult times. Nadezhda and Sergei have been married for seventeen years, but between [...]

Snoop Season 6 TV Series (2022) Watch Online Free

About the plot of the series “Snoop 6 season with Banshchikova” 2022 | Detective | 16 episodes | Channel One | Russia Bloodhound (season 6) - a Russian series about Colonel Alexander Kushnir (Anna Banshchikova) - she is reasonable, talented and very smart and devoted herself to her beloved work, which requires endurance and detective skills. But in addition to knowledge in […]