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The Godfather serial (2014) watch online free drama

About the plot of the series "The Godfather" 2014 | Drama | 8 episodes | Russia Ilya Alekhin is a former military doctor who, having got to the front line of Kosovo, where a bloody confrontation took place, helped hundreds of Serbian and Albanian children to be born, at a time when fierce hostilities did not stop. Women who were fortunate enough to become mothers in those difficult times were called [...]

Two stars. Fathers and Sons (2021) 1 channel watch online all issues

For the first time, the project "Two Stars, Fathers and Sons" appeared on the air of the TV channel in 2006, after which several seasons were held. Then the pop stars united in pairs and fought for the title of the best duet. In the new season, the show has undergone some changes that will surprise viewers even more. Now the stars will perform with their children, with whom they will enter [...]

One click serial (2021) watch online free comedy

About the plot of the series "One Click" 2021 | Comedy | Drama | 8 episodes | Russia The protagonist of the comedy series "One Click" is an unfortunate young man Semyon. He works as an ordinary employee in a large Russian bank. As a simple clerk with no special talents and career prospects, he faces many day-to-day problems associated with a lack of money on a daily basis [...]

Native stepmother serial (2021) Ukraine watch online for free all series

About the plot of the series "Native stepmother / Ridna machukha" 2021 | Melodrama | Drama | 16 episodes | Ukraine The heroine of the drama series Maria Vetrova has always considered her life to be happy and measured. A wonderful family inspires her and fills her with love. There are no reasons for grief or fears about the future yet. But overnight this idyll collapses. Someone finished off the machine's husband. […]

Margarita Nazarova serial (2016) watch online free biography

About the plot of the series "Margarita Nazarova" 2016 | Biography | History | Melodrama | 16 episodes | Russia Being still quite young, Margarita Nazarova had to endure many trials in adolescence, when during wartime the girl was separated from her family and sent to Germany for forced labor. The desperate and fearless fragile heroine miraculously managed to escape death and [...]

Provincial serial (2021) Ukraine watch online free comedy

About the plot of the series "Provincial" 2021 | Crime | Comedy | 24 episodes | Ukraine Fate throws up difficult life trials for the provincial district police officer Nikolai Semashko. The captain helps the just and honest General Firsov avoid jail time on false charges of murder. In gratitude for the assistance, the chief of police invites a lawyer to work in the city administration. But the department dislikes [...]

The shadow behind the back series (2019) NTV watch online for free detective

About the plot of the series "The Shadow behind the Back" 2019 | Detective | Crime | Russia | 12 episodes | Channel NTV All the terrible events of the detective series "Shadow behind the Back" online 2019 on NTV, based on real events, begin with the fact that a serial killer appears in a small, quiet provincial village. The year is 2000. They urgently send from Moscow [...]

The Mystery of the Sleeping Lady serial (2021) watch online free detective

About the plot of the series "The Mystery of the Sleeping Lady" 2021 | Detective | 4 episodes | Russia The heroine of the detective series shrouded in secrets, Aglaya Vetrova, is an experienced designer. She arrived at the estate of Count Polonsky. There, the girl will be a restorer - one of the facets of Vetrova's talent. This object was bought by the influential businessman Gorlov. As a result of the work in the mansion, an ancient doll was discovered, which [...]

Femme fatale TV series (2021) Russia watch online free

About the plot of the series "Femme fatale" 2021 | Melodrama | 4 episodes | Russia Calm and not foreshadowing any upheavals in the life of the married couple Andrei and Natalia, a fateful event intervenes. A former classmate of Natasha, Masha Smirnova, comes to their small provincial town. This woman for about fifteen years did not visit her home, but here she found herself in the center of the general [...]

Conspiracy of Heaven serial (2021) watch online free detective

About the plot of the series "Conspiracy of Heaven" 2021 | Detective | Melodrama | 4 episodes | Russia The owner of the service company "Husband for an Hour" Maxim Karatov and aspiring blogger Nika Smirnova meet under mysterious circumstances. By chance, they were drawn into a bloody story, from which they can escape only if they act side by side. Nika Smirnova's friends suddenly start [...]