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Love and Mafia (Sugartime) 1995 - Watch Online.

Watch online the movie "Love and Mafia" / Sugartime (1995) for free in good quality HD 720 is a crime drama about love and devotion based on the book by William F. Remer the Younger.

Love and Mafia (Sugartime) 1995 - Watch Online

КThe film is based on real events, in those days when John Kennedy was president, and Sam Dzhankana was the boss of the Chicago mafia clan. After seeing a dazzling blonde in a Las Vegas casino, he fell in love with her at first sight ..

The love of the famous singer Phyllis McGuire and the famous gangster Sam Giancan - excited the whole of America and infuriated the FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover himself. Subsequently, this dizzying novel became the most discussed topic in American society ...

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  • Starring:
  •     John Turturro
  •     Mary-Louise Parker
  •     stars
  •     Mory Chaikin
  •     Luis Del Grande
  •     Deborah Duchesne
  •     Larissa Laskin
  •     Christopher Barry
  •     Richard Blackburn
  •     Amanda Blitz
  • year     
  • 1995
  • country     
  • USA
  • directed by John N. Smith
  • screenplay by Martin Burke, William F. Roemer Jr.
  • producer David Coatesworth, Martin Burke, David Gale, ...
  • operator Pierre Letard
  • composer Sydney James
  • artist Barbara Dunphy, Lucinda Zach, Denis Cronenberg, ...
  • Editing by Ralph Branjis
  • genre drama, melodrama, crime.

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