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6 season season (2018) series watch free online

Russian series “Youth Ice and Flame” 2018 - 2019 watch online free sports drama all series in a row 1-44 | Russia 

Сportable series “Youth” 6 season online continues the fascinating story of the youth team called "Bears", which for a long time tends to get into the NHL. A cherished dream goes into the jungle due to frequent failures. It remains only to hope for the best. Another failure on the ice pushes the leadership to the decision to change the coach.

It becomes an eminent athlete showing decent results. Sergei Makeev, due to a serious injury, had to abandon his own goal. The mentor calmed the situation in the hockey team and brought it to a new level. The members of the youth group begin to gain victories and fame. Over time, the dream comes true, and due to the observance of clear rules, the guys end up in the MHL.

When they reach the age of majority, the guys are faced with the choice of a further path. Some guys are looking for another occupation for themselves, others for the most part want to continue to train in order to go to the VHL as a result. An experienced coach helps in conquering new peaks. Soon the young men become players. ”Brown bears", However, the old-timers are skeptical of newcomers, showing with their whole appearance that they are clearly not welcome here. So in the team ripening is brewing.

Trailer - Youth 6 Ice and Flame

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6 Junior More Than Hockey - FILM INFORMATION:

Directors: Sergey Arlanov, Andrey Golovkov
Screenwriters: Leonid Kuprido, Alexander Bulynko, Alexander Tykun, Sergey Olehnik
Operators: Sergey Kiselev, Denis Saidov
Composer: Leonid Lehner
Artists: Mikhail Karyagin, Yakov Makarov, Timur Shagiakhmedov, Yuri Karasik
Producers: Vyacheslav Murugov, Dmitry Tabarchuk, Fedor Bondarchuk, Dmitry Rudovsky, Sergey Arlanov
Production: LLC Art Pictures Vision with the support of the Continental Hockey League
Actors: Yekaterina Klimova, Denis Nikiforov, Makar Zaporozhsky, Alexander Sokolovsky, Vladislav Kanopka, Ivan Zhvakin, Ilya Korobko, Ivan Mulin, Igor Ogurtsov, Ivan Dubrovsky, Serafima Nizovskaya, Julia Margulis, Anna Mikhailovskaya, Maria Ivaschenko, Viktoria Yoshishina, Sergey Grashe eeree, Geri, ee Marye, Marye, Margulis, Anna Mikhailovskaya, Maria Ivashchenko, Viktoria Yoshishina, Sergey Grashe, ee Marye, Gabrye ger, ee Marye, marryis, Julia Margulis, Anna Mikhailovskaya, Maria Ivashchenko, Viktoria Yoshishina, Sergima Nizovskaya Fedor Bondarchuk and others.


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