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Cipher series (2019) watch online for free history Channel One

About the plot of the series “Code” 2019 online / 16 series / History / Detective / First Channel / Russia 

Дaction fascinating series “The Code” 2019 online on the first occurs in 1956, the Great Patriotic War ended not so long ago. In the Soviet Union, people are beginning to return to a peaceful life, even if it was given to people not at all. The entire economy in fact was simply destroyed, and it took a lot of time and effort to restore everything. A lot of people died, and the fate of other people maimed. Everyone was scared, and many could not realize that the whole horror of the war was over.

But there were people who took themselves in hand and began to simply live. They worked, tried to earn money honestly, tried to raise the country anew from their knees. And some people just did not want to work and join the usual pre-war routine of life. After conducting a large-scale amnesty, many criminal elements were left free. Of course, with this phenomenon, the crime rate has increased significantly.

People united in groups, they thought it was better than just go to work and bring honest money to the house. The police could not cope with such a huge number of crimes. Help was needed, and the government decided to take it in an absolutely unexpected place. Not only men, but also women stood up to defend the country from their fellow countrymen.


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A country: Russia

Cipher / Coder - FILM INFORMATION:

Director: Vera Storozheva
Writers: Olga Popova, Olga Zhukova
Operator: Mikhail Iskandarov
Composer: Yuri Poteenko
Artists: Valeria Popova, Sergey Filenko
Producers: Vladimir Utin, Mikhail Rossolko, Denis Frolov, Ivan Gavrilov, Daria Kaplya
Actors: Mariana Spivak, Elena Panova, Ekaterina Vilkova, Yana Dubuy, Sergey Puskepalis, Mikhail Evlanov, Oleg Gaas, Svetlana Kolpakova, Nikolai Tokarev, Dmitry Mazurov, Victor Konukhin, Vitaly Kornienko, Sofya Khilkova, Maxim Stoyanov, Ekaterina Lapiga, Victor Dobronravov, Nikolai Kachura, Alexey Kolgan, Nina Dvorzhetskaya, Alexandra Ursulyak

Premiere: 11 March 2019 (The first channel)
Series: 16
Genre: Detectives, historical series about the USSR

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  • Marina

    Well, again, the role of the girl is the same person that is everywhere and on all channels. Do all other talented children remain unnoticed. Around injustice!

  • Igor_Dnp_USSR

    Gentlemen, employees of the film industry, when writing a script and making a movie, do not forget to turn to people who know the era, structure and order of work in these structures. T.b. that it does not require any super-costs, many people (specialists) can tell and without any preferences. The impression is that the cinema, recently, is being filmed on “FINGERING”, apart from reality. Do not hold the audience for suckers.
    1. An employee of the Moscow regional committee, not even the first secretary, oversees the work on the development of a country’s air defense system — chickens would laugh, but they wouldn’t let him go. Well, they would call him an employee of the Central Committee from the department (committee) No. 2, by the way in 1941-57. Ustinov oversaw work in the defense industry and was deputy chairman of Committee No. XXUMX.
    2. You depict a regime object, the MO archive, a courtyard, and there each piece of paper, if not with the VERTIS SECRET, then with a chipboard (for official use). Is this a public library? Retiree, tb A GUN after the release, walks through the MO archive as if at home and “drank tea” with an archive worker (God's dandelion).
    3. Badges and a number of other attributes does not correspond to those times.
    And such blunders at every turn.
    The very idea of ​​the series is interesting, but all these inconsistencies discouraged watching the series, I do not want to feel like a layman, turn up.