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The Tale of Peter and Fevronia Cartoon (2017) watch online free hd 1080

About the plot of the cartoon "The Tale of Peter and Fevronia" 2017 Online / Adventure / Family / Russia

ПSince childhood he has dreamed of dizzying adventures and decisive battles. For a long time, Murom was not attacked by enemy invaders who could harm the local population. Princely child did not have to show their potential in the liberation of their native lands. The young man traveled a lot in the surrounding areas, spending his days in peace. Once a hero 2017 Tale of Peter and Fevron meets a girl who lives nearby in complete solitude.

The meeting of new acquaintances does not last long, the guy learns about the seizure of power in his own city. The troops of detractors, led by a dark magician, overthrew their father from the throne. Prince Paul adequately defended, but the warriors failed to penetrate the enemy’s armor. The blacksmiths forged new swords, but could not leave scratches on the armor of the villains. The heir returns to battle with the leader of the attackers, causing serious injuries.

The poisonous blood of the sorcerer falls on the young man, instantly poisoning. The parent attempts to cure the offspring, causing healers, but the attempts are in vain. People advise to seek help from Fevronia - the recluse. The girl agrees to help, provided that the patient on her own will get to her. After recovery, the man will again come to grips with evil.


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Valeria - Light of my eyes (Song - OST m / f "The Tale of Peter and Fevronia")

The Tale of Peter and Fevronia - INFORMATION ABOUT MULTFILM:

A country: Russia

Directed by: Yuri Ryazanov, Yuri Kulakov
Screenwriters: Yuri Ryazanov, Yuri Kulakov, Mikhail Bobrovnik, Oksana Tarabanova, Ekaterina Polosukhina
Composer: Victor Chaika
Artist: Victor Chuguevsky
Producer: Yuri Ryazanov

Actors: Ivan Okhlobystin, Konstantin Karasik, Victor Verzhbitsky, Yulia Gorokhova, Diomed Vinogradov, Vadim Medvedev, Vladimir Antonik, Vladislav Yudin

Genre: Adventure, family cartoons





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