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You are a super super season (2019-2021) watch all episodes and seasons in a row

About the music project "You are super! Super Season 2019-2021 1,2,3,4,5 season on NTV channel / Russia

Уnical musical project “You are super! Season 5 "2021 on NTV channel can give to children who do not have a prosperous childhood, not only positive emotions, but also hope for changes in their fates. Eighty children from various countries can now take part, understanding that they have outstanding talents. Imagine how many guys from how many countries can become participants, and everyone will have to prove that he is ahead of everyone.

Only the best of the best will be able to complete all the selections. Of course, the children have already shown everyone in our country that they deserve the best, many of them easily passed the casting to the next round. Ahead of them is a difficult test - participation in the project. The first round is rightly called the most difficult. It is a pity to go through such a serious path, and therefore abruptly leave the planned path.

In order to advance one more step closer to your dream, you will have to listen to the jury and get estimates from them. If the score is too small, then you can simply collect your things and go home, because the way further becomes closed. This is a difficult path that not everyone can go. But not only the contestants will experience stress, discomfort, but also the judges, because they become the decision makers.


Watch online "You are a super Superseason" 2019-2021 new 5 season all issues in a row 

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Genres: Шоу, Musical, For Children
Year of creation: 2019
Release date in RF: 10 March 2019
A country: Russia
TV channel: NTV
Talented children
Duration: 200 min.
Jury: You are super super season

The official instagram of actor and singer Alexey Vorobiev (Aleksey Vorobyov) / Photo - Video


Official instagram singer Yolka - Elizaveta Valdemarovna Ivantsiv (ELKA) / Photo - Video


TV shots “You are super super season”New 3,4 season 2019-2020 | Photos of participants and jury



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