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Female doctor 4 series (2019) watch online for free all series

About the plot of the Ukrainian series “Female doctor 4 season” 2019 / Melodrama / Ukraine

АLexander Rodionov (Peter Rykov) is the main character of the millions of fans of the series “Female doctor 4 season” 2019 online. He is a very famous specialist in his city, and so many ladies dream of getting an appointment with him. Colleagues greatly respect this doctor, and he is a true professional in his field.

Alexander can take delivery of any complexity, even very risky, and each patient leaves him happy. Sometimes colleagues and management condemn him, because he often risks becoming a danger to both the woman in labor and the child. A man gives his work completely, putting his whole soul into it.

He is even ready to give up his own happiness in order to help others. Rodionov worked in a large medical center. Here he is not only respected, but also openly jealous. Many are not happy with the fact that he occupies one of the most leading positions. But he himself achieved everything that he has in life.

But this could not protect him from the constant rumors, intrigues that occur behind his back. He is openly showered with mud, those whom he sincerely believed and trusted betray. Once this led to the fact that the protagonist of the film simply wrote an application for dismissal. Envious people thought that this would put an end to his successful career, but Roman would never give up his favorite work.

Trailer | Premiere: 11 November 2019 

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A country: Ukraine

Female Doctor 4 Season - Release Date and Series Information:

Directed by: Anna Yarovenko, Andrei Osmolovsky
Scriptwriter: Olga Artyukh
Operator: Alexander Sedov
Artist: Vladimir Lysak
Producers: Irina Kostiuk, Yulia Mishchenko, Sergey Demidov, Irina Gorobets
Casting Director: Irina Kolesnik, Alexander Zverev

Actors: Peter Rykov, Daria Egorkina, Taras Kuzmin, Oleg Ivanitsa, Vitalina Bibliv, Nataliya Vasko, Maxim Mikhailichenko, Dmitry Oskin, Elena Rechych, Alexander Klauning, Elena Khokhlatkina, Anton Bukhov, Nikolai Kiy

Series: 40
Premiere: November 11 2019 (Home)
Genre:  Melodrama,  films about love and family, series about medics


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