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About the plot of the series "Guardian angel" 2019 online / 16 series / History / Melodrama / Channel One / Russia

сThe experiences of this series “Guardian Angel” 2019 online on the first channel are developed in a rural estate, which has the proud beautiful name Angelovo. This historical saga about the families of the peasant and landowner Kondratyev and Angelov, whose children carried tremulous true love for each other through revolutions, wars and bloody repressions. In both families, one should not even doubt the authority of the head.

Men literally stand at the head, and no one can even argue with such a fact. It so happened that they turned out to be dairy brothers, because Kodratieva’s mother used to be Angelov’s wet nurse. It seems that this was supposed to make the guys native people.

But they grew up in completely different conditions. One of them was the heir of a rich family, and the parents of the second were simple hard workers. Therefore, their lives have evolved according to completely different scenarios. Timofey Kondratyev became the successor of the affairs of his parents and became a simple peasant, married a beautiful girl and gave birth to as many as three strong sons.

The boys were very hardworking, honest, always ready to help their parents. Angels also became a professor. He has three daughters, each is more beautiful than the previous one. They were teachers in a local school, they taught local kids. It seems that these two families are not bound by anything. But the unexpected happened - one of the guys fell in love with one of the sisters.

Trailer | 17 June Premiere

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A country: Russia

Guardian Angel 2019 - Release Date and Series Info:

Director: Maxim Demchenko
Writer: Vladimir Sotnikov
Operator: Ivan Makarov
Composers: Sergey Morozov, Lyudmila Morozova
Produced by: Anatoly Chizhikov, Natalia Chizhikova, Sergey Kulikov
Actors: Olga Pavlovets, Victor Dobronravov, Yulia Kudoyar, Maxim Litovchenko, Yulia Galkina, Alexey Shevchenkov, Sofia Ardova, Vladimir Gostyukhin, Dmitry Scherbina, Elena Dubrovskaya, Anastasia Ukolova, Kostya Kapsky, Anna Bogdan, Alexandra Afanasyeva-Shevchuk, Masha Bona Vartanyan, Irina Shevchuk, Angelina Strechin, Alexey Demidov, Anatoly Kot, Arthur Ivanov, Yury Kuznetsov-Taiga, Alexey Fateev

Production: "Favorite Film"
Premiere: 17 Jun 2019 (The first channel)
Series: 16
Genre: Historical series, romance, films about love and family



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The official Instagram actress Olga Pavlovec (Olga Pavlovec) / Photo / Video

The official instagram of actor Viktor Dobronravov (Viktor Dobronravov) / Photo - Video

The official instagram actress Yulia Galkina (Yuliya Galkina) - Photo / Video

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  1. Elena Klimova He speaks

    Stepa's mother is a country woman, elderly, but for that reason - with a manicure ...

  2. Vladimir He speaks

    A believing person (and even more so a landowner of a pre-revolutionary formation) would NEVER bring some Chinese idol dragon (even for a collection) to your house (and even more so, next to icons!)! at least someone from the priests would consult with something before us than to push such nonsense to us! Well, he would have brought a Chinese service (but without any dragons there!) - this is all right! But with different African pagan idols and dragons, African masks and amulets — an Orthodox person would never begin to trash his home! The ease and carelessness with which modern filmmakers are so superficially and mindlessly handling such things is amazing!

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