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Смотреть фильм Ангелина 2018 украинская мелодрама все 16 серий подряд
Photo by Maria Kulikova actress

About the plot of the Ukrainian series “Angelina” 2019 / Melodrama / Channel Ukraine

пAbel (Vitaliy Kudryavtsev) and Angelina (Maria Kulikova) they used to live quite well. But when the grandmother of the main character of the melodramatic series “Angelina” 2019 online, taught her folk medicine, it was then that their family began to have trouble. The girl spent all her time studying various herbs and potions. She also tried to help people who constantly turned to her.

She absolutely didn’t like her husband, who told her to quit this activity. But Angelina was not going to give up her interesting work, as a result of which the couple eventually broke up. This played into the hands of Inge, who was no longer indifferent to Paul.

That is why he decided to go to her and there everything went according to a completely different scenario. Pavel and Inga got married and they had twins. It has been about three years since he left his ex-wife and now he is busy raising children with a new wife. But it happens that children get sick and no one knows how to help them.

That is why the man decides to turn to Angelina so that she would do everything in her power. But will she agree to help her ex-husband or is she still fraught with offense for what he did to her? The situation is twofold and it is not known how the offended girl will ultimately decide to act in this situation!


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A country: Ukraine

Angelina 2019 - TV Show Information and Release Date:

Director: Roman Barabash
Screenwriter: Marina Lacis
Operator: Anton Verbin
Composer: Andrey Ponomarev
Artist: Julia Balan
Producers: Vitaly Sirenko, Irina Franchuk

Actors: Maria Kulikova, Vitaly Kudryavtsev, Tatyana Kolganova, Alexander Arsentiev, Alexander Yatsko, Anna Sagaidachnaya, Sergey Kozlov, Victoria Levchenko, Oleg Zagorodniy, Daria Legeyda, Leonid Gromov, Vlad Nikityuk, Polina Vasilina, Anastasia Tsymbalaru, Oleg Scherbina, Yektorina, Yekstra, Yekrechina Tatyana Ruzhavskaya

Production: Filmstream and Vileton production
Series: 16
Premiere: December 3 2018 (TRC Ukraine), 3 Jun 2019 (Russia 1)
Genre: Melodrama


The official instagram actress Maria Kulikova (Mariya Kulikova) / Photo - Video

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The official instagram actress Darya Legeyda (Darya Legeyda) / Photo - Video

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Stills from Angelina series 2019 Ukraine | Photos of actors


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