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About the plot of the series "Pansies»  2019 / Dangerous Drama / Channel Russia 1

ДGalactous girl Galina (Irina Verbitskaya) came from the Russian hinterland to enter the Moscow Institute. But instead of preparing for the exams, the main character of the dramatic series “Pansies” 2019 online meets a young man and falls in love. Having completely started spinning in a whirlwind of emotions, Galina forgets about admission, and soon realizes that she is pregnant.

The guy, of course, having learned about the unborn child, immediately leaves Galina. Entering the institute, the girl fails, and returns home to her hometown, where her mother Lydia is waiting for her. A parent offers an abortion, but Galina strongly opposes. She decides to bring up the future child herself.

Lydia is against her daughter repeating her fate. It turns out that Lydia also became pregnant at an early age, and gave birth to Galina. All her life she was a girl alone, and did not find her female happiness with a man. When a girl is born, Lydia uses the postnatal state of her daughter, writes abandoned baby. Galina, she said that her daughter died.

The woman suffers a lot, and with difficulty finds the strength to live on. 10 years pass. Galina still lives with her mother. She has not overcome the distrust of men, and is still alone. One day, Lydia tells her daughter the truth that her girl did not die, but was brought up in an orphanage, and may have been given to someone for adoption. Galina by all means decides to find her own krovinochku.

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Pansies - Show Details and Release Date:

A country: Russia

Director: Sergey Krasnov
Screenwriter: Nikolai Golikov
Actors: Irina Verbitskaya, Veronika Kornienko, Andrei Frolov, Daria Belousova, Andrei Zavoduk, Anna Zdor, Nikita Kalinin, Alexandra Kiseleva, Asya Kalinina, Tatyana Yastrebova

Production: Russian Film Company
Premiere: 7 April 2019 (Россия 1)
Series: 4
Genre: Dramafilms about family and Love

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