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Смотреть фильм Анон 2018 онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720-1080

About the plot of the film "Anon / Anon" 2018 | Fantasy | Thriller | Germany | USA

Эthat scientific-fantastic movie “Anon” 2018 online will lead a fascinating and largely instructive story about the near future, where a totalitarian government creates new rules for the inhabitants of countries. The authorities have developed new technologies that can track any member of society in the most remote corners of the planet. The population is monitored and traced round the clock, without the right to privacy.

A special group has been created that includes the best specialists who are able to instantly respond to the offenses of suspicious individuals. The system must eradicate criminal communities and reduce crime to a minimum. In the streets of the city is regularly on duty a responsible police officer who does not tolerate the spirit of the intruders, who carefully performs the assigned tasks.

One day, a strange girl named Anon appears at the employee’s station (Amanda Seyfred). In the database there is no information about the life of this person. The moment is similar to the usual technological error, but over time it turns out to be a global problem. Honest law-abiding citizen, the superintendent of laws, ceases to be confident in the correctness of decisions taken by high-ranking authorities. What could be the consequences for others from failures in an ideal system?



 Movie “Anon / Anon” 2018 watch online in excellent quality hd 720-1080


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A country: USA, Germany

Director: Andrew Nikkol
Writer: Andrew Niccol
Operator: Amir Em Mokri
Composer: Christoph Beck
Artist: Philip Ivey
Produced by: Daniel Baur, Patrick Newell, Andrew Niccol, Oliver Simon
Casting Director: John Buchan, Denis Chamian, Jason Knight

Actors: Clive Owen, Amanda Seyfred, Colm Fiore, Sonya Walger, Mark O'Brien, Joe Ping, Iddo Goldberg, Rachel Roberts, Conrad Coates, Maiko Nguyen, Damon Ranjan, Jonathan Potts

Production: K5 Film, K5 International, K5 Media Group
Premiere: 4 May 2018 (USA), 10 May 2018 (Russia)
Genre: thriller, fantasy, detective



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