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About the plot of the film "Atlantis / Cold Skin" 2017 online | Thriller | Science Fiction | Adventure | France | Spain

Эthat fascinating fantastic film Atlantis online will lead the story of the events that unfolded at the beginning of the 20 century, immediately after the assassination of Franz Ferdinand in the 1914 year, it marked the beginning of the First World War. Outstanding scientists all over the world are concerned with the question of the disappearance of the civilization of the Atlanteans. Some are building a theory about the inhabitants of the disappeared continent, they say, they have reached an incredible development. Others deny the existence Atlantis.


There are various controversial opinions, but it is generally accepted that the coolest developments and technologies were available to the atlantes, which included their interplanetary flights in their huge list. However, in both cases, at present the Atlanteans are not present in the modern world. Ocean depths continue to harbor secrets from a man who wants to delve into the past. So one guy had a chance to make acquaintance with a mythical representative, the meeting with which turned out to be very strange.

The young specialist in meteorology was offered a job on a desert island, for which the hero the film Hastened to take because of the promised high salary for the year of stay there. Despite the fact that the station is far from civilization, the guy was not embarrassed. At night, everything becomes extremely clear, because mysterious creatures come out of the water space, wishing to try the walls of the local haven of a person to check for durability.



Film “Atlantis / Cold Skin” 2017


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Country: Spain, France
Original titles: Cold Skin, Pell freda, La Piel fría
Director: Xavier Jance
Operator: Daniel Aranio
Artist: Hil Parrondo
Produced by: Mark Albela, Denise O'Dell, Jesus Olmo, Aaron Shian
Actors: David Oaks, Aura Garrido, Ray Stevenson, John Benfield, Ivan Gonzalez, Ben Temple, Vinslov Iwaki
Production: Babieka, Kanzaman, Ink Connection, Gran Babieka, Ink Connection, The, Pontas Film & Literary Agency
Genre: Scientific fantasy, adventure, thriller



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