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Russian series “Balabol 2” 2018 watch online for free all series in a row 1-16 on NTV | Russia

ГThe main storyline events continue to evolve around an experienced operative named Alexander, who is a leader in the fight against crime in comparison with his colleagues. No one has yet slipped from the hands of the protagonist of the ironic detective. Thanks to extraordinary thinking and specific methods of conducting work, the man achieves tremendous success, even if the situation seems completely hopeless.

Балабол 2 Youtebem.com

So Balabin (Konstantin Yushkevich) constantly faces dissatisfaction with the authorities, therefore there is no doubt that he could have been dismissed from law enforcement agencies long ago, but the phenomenal statics of solving crimes does not allow removing a first-class specialist from office. Sasha's personal life is on the spot, the situation is very deplorable, as his beloved woman threw him because of his dangerous work.

Spending days and nights in the lonely four walls of the beloved was not a pleasure, therefore she decided to take a desperate step, gathering things and leaving the threshold of Sasha's house. But soon the circumstances develop in such a way that the protagonist series “Balabol-2” 2018 Online There is a great opportunity to reconcile with the family, and all thanks to the possible solemn event dedicated to the marriage of her daughter.

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A country: Russia
Director: Vladimir Melnik
Composer: Ilya Truskovsky
Produced by: Rauf Atamalibekov
Scenario: Andrei Shishov
Operator: Dmitry Savinov
Production: "TM Production" on request NTV
Genre: Ironic detective

Cast: Konstantin Yushkevich, Vadim Andreev, Inga Oboldina, Irina Nizina, Maria Pirogova, Ilya Shlyaga, Ivan Agapov, Igor Staroseltsev, Konstantin Topolaga, Sergei Neudachin, Anton Eskin, Oleg Zhukov

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