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Without hesitation series (2019) Ukraine Watch online melodrama


Смотреть фильм Без колебаний 2019 онлайн украинская мелодрама все серии подряд

About the plot of the Ukrainian series "With no doubt" 2019 / Melodrama / Channel Ukraine

эthen new melodramatic series “Without hesitation” 2019 online, which was written by Ukrainian authors, and in the center of the plot is a young lady Dean. She devoted her whole life to her son. She diligently deals with his development and upbringing, gave him all her love, tenderness and care, wanted to provide him with everything. He has now entered university and is in very good standing.

He is going to be a first-class specialist, and the mother always supports her boy and is proud of him. She is not just the fact that he is her son, praises him, he is really very diligent and stubbornly goes to his goal, and even for that you can be proud of him. But there is one thing that makes a woman worry about the guy. At this age, a man should already be more independent, and it is time for mothers to get used to the idea that the child will soon fly out of the nest.

But the hero has strong health problems. And recently it became clear that he needed a serious operation on his heart, otherwise he simply will not be soon. Dina is always in a state of fear and panic. She does not even understand how to help her son, where to get such huge money to save him. Neighbor Tamara offers its help. But the guy refuses to take it.

Trailer | Premiere 30 November 


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A country: Ukraine

With no doubt / Without vagan 2019 - Series Information and Release Date:

Director: Anatoly Grigoriev
Screenwriter: Alina Semeryakova
Operator: Alexander Grebennikov
Producers: Natalia Stribuk, Victoria Korogod, Evgeny Lyashchenko, Irina Chernyak, Vladislav Ryashin, Galina Balan-Timkina
Casting Director: Masha Boklan

Actors: Alina Sergeeva, Vyacheslav Dovzhenko, Dmitry Chernov, Olesya Ostrovskaya, Eldar Kalimulin, Daniil Mireshkin, Konstantin Koretsky

Series: 4
Premiere: 26 May 2019 (TRC Ukraine) November 30 (Channel Russia 1)
Genre: Melodrama


The official instagram actress Alina Sergeeva (Alina Sergeeva) / Photo - Video


Stills from “Without hesitation / Without vagan” series 2019 Ukraine | Photos of actors


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