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Bi-2 - Likes (Official Video)


Оbottom of the most popular Russian rock bands Bi-2 - presented the video of the same name for the song Laiki, where, with a fair amount of irony, she tells about a voluntary disease known to us - dependence on social networks. Very relevant in our time! ;)


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YOM: 2016

  • “Every person wants to get their 15 minutes of glory. And many consider social networks to be an excellent “battlefield”, a place for realizing their ambitions. But it is better and more correct to seek recognition in real life. Each person has his own talent, everyone can become successful in his business: a successful surgeon or artist, musician or engineer - you just need to find yourself. In real life. And to treat social networks seriously does not make sense " - tells Leva Bi-2.

Lyrics Lyrics Bi-2

  • First Verse:
  • Darkness afraid skeletons in the closet.
    The network is torn from the load.
    The two of us got one parachute.
    So we jump together and we will fly.
  • Chorus:
  • You are so beautiful, my love.
    How many likes we have with you.
  • Second Verse:
  • I stand in the rain with someone else's kitten.
    You meet spring in a smart dress.
    We are all waiting for something, we are going somewhere.
    And we pay all the time, and prices are rising.
  • Chorus:
  • You are so beautiful, my love.
    How many likes we have with you.
  • Third Verse:
  • The new day is sliced ​​like a birthday cake.
    Too bad a piece all the time goes by the mouth.
    Fresh comment that I'm not the same.
    It does not change the fact that you are still that.
  • Chorus:
  • Still beautiful, my love.
    How many likes we have with you.
    You are so Beautiful.
    You are so beautiful, my love.

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