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Смотреть фильм Большой артист 2019 онлайн мелодрама все серии подряд на канале Россия 1

About the plot of the series "Big Artist" 2019 / Melodrama / Drama / Russia 

Кwhen the heroine is full of intrigue series “Big Artist” 2019 online channel Russia 1 Alena came funeral from a hot spot, life turned upside down. She didn’t have enough strength to go through everything that had collapsed and do something so that the memories of the past would leave her alone. The former was constantly pursuing the heroine of Russian melodrama, and she simply could not begin to live again. After some time, she realized that fate will not change.

And at this time there is a feeling that the bad will happen soon. And it turned out that intuition did not disappoint. A few years ago ... Everything is fine. The young lady realized that she had met the prince, every girl dreams of such a thing. Gleb tried to enter the drama school, but it so happened that he failed the entrance exams, and he was not very upset by the failure. The heroine saw that in her chosen one is full of the will to live and optimism, she is glad that she has met such a wonderful guy, he is not afraid to experience failures.

It is not so easy to confuse him, which means that he will become a good companion in life. They spend time together, and the feelings become stronger, as if they are throwing firewood on the fire. The couple decided to apply to the registrar. But Alena's high-ranking parents are categorically against the choice of their children. There was an insidious person, she with the help of lies was able to embroil the young. And the guy decided to go to serve in the army ...

Trailer | Premiere 5 May 2019 

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Big Artist - Show Details and Release Date:

A country: Russia

Director: David Tkebuchava
Actors: Zoya Berber, Alexander Samoilenko, Inga Oboldina, Sergey Chirkov, Yulia Galkina, Evgenia Dobrovolskaya, Valentin Smirnitsky, Yuri Nazarov, Valery Afanasyev, Saveliy Kudryashov, Alexander Makogon, Alexander Andrienko, Boris Shevchenko, Sergey Borisov

Premiere: 5 May 2019 (Россия 1)
Series: 4
Genre: Melodrama, films about Love, drama

Images from the series "Big Artist" 2019 channel Russia 1 | Photos of actors


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