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Big breakfast with Marina Kravets telecast on TNT watch online

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Big breakfast on TNT all issues in a row with Marina Kravets and Artem Losev

Пtime culinary TV show "Big Breakfast" online hosted by TNT February 11 2018. The host of the project is the only female resident of the Comedy Club, beauty and singer Marina Kravets. Together with the chef, the owner of two restaurants, Artyom Losev, she will prepare gourmet dishes, will tell about the recipes of dishes, as well as find out the latest news from the lives of the stars, who weekly drop in for a visit.

According to the press service of TNT, the whole action of the “Big Breakfast” takes place in a cafe in the center of Moscow. Cafe visitors do not just watch the process of cooking, but take direct part in the show: they help in preparing the dish, ask questions to the star guest, and also with him, the host and the chef, participate in tasting the dish, share their emotions and impressions.

- This is a grandiose, enchanting, fun show! - Marina Kravets shares her impressions. - We have such a TV cafe, where anyone can come! At the end of the program, we are trying to treat all the visitors with a star guest, and they are usually 20-25 people. By the way, any of them can also ask a question to a famous person who at this moment makes dumplings or slices cucumber.

Often, the most unexpected things about themselves stars tell it in the kitchen, and we also shoot it on camera. In general, our morning culinary program can be called a stand-up show, since you simply don’t have time to sit down, there is a lot of improvisation in it, sometimes you don’t understand “where is the logic ?!”, but it always turns out very tasty. And of course, we have a lot of cool star guests who come to us to have fun to chat, work in our kitchen and for their efforts to get food.

In the editions of the Great Breakfast Breakfast Culinary Show, viewers will see the singer Hannah with Anna Sedokova, Azamat Musagaliyev, Garik Kharlamov, Stas Starovoytov, Yulia Franz, Demis Karibidis and other stars of Russian show business, sport and cinema.

Culinary telecast “Big breakfast on TNT with Marina Kravets” 2018 watch online

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