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Bulatov serial (2020) Ukraine watch online free detective film

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Смотреть украинский сериал "Булатов" 2020 онлайн фильм детектив на канале 2+2 hd 720-1080

About the plot of the Ukrainian series "Bulatov / Pied Piper" 2020-2021 / Detective / Crime / Adventure / Ukraine

УKrainsky multi-part film "Bulatov" 2020 online on the 2 + 2 channel - will tell the story about Yegor Bulatov (Mikhail Evlanov), he is an experienced and respected law enforcement officer. He devoted himself most of his life to this service, faithfully defending the rights and interests of civilians.

Almost every weekday was associated with some dangers and vicissitudes that determine the specifics of his activities. For many years, he went on a mission with a colleague and part-time best friend. The partners always provided the necessary support, communicated for a lot of time outside the working atmosphere, and during field operations they retained control of the situation and, if necessary, helped.

But suddenly a terrible tragedy struck. A friend died at the hands of criminals
terrorizing the entire public. The main character is in emotional decline and blames himself for the death of a comrade. He will fall into a depressive and apathetic state, getting out of which is quite problematic.
But he recalls that he promised to avenge his death. He develops his plan and tries to follow it. This time, he moves away from the usual notions of justice and duty. In the upcoming battle with criminal leaders, he is ready to go against the bosses and the established formalized rules.

Trailer-announcement of Bulatov series | Premiere date on September 21 


Watch the film "Bulatov / Pied Piper" Ukraine (2020) online for free all series in a row hd 720-1080

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A country: Ukraine

Ukrainian TV series "Bulatov" 2020 - Information about the series:

Director: Maxim Melnik

Actors: Mikhail Evlanov, Dmitry Endaltsev, Darina Polunina, Vyacheslav Gindin, Igor Salimonov, Alexander Danilchenko.

Premiere: September 21, 2020 TV channel «2 + 2» 
Series: 16
Genre: Crime movies online, Adventures, detective


Instagram | The official instagram of the actor Mikhail Evlanov (Mikhail Evlanov) / Photo - Video



Instagram | The official instagram of actress Daria Polunina (Polunina Daria) / Photo / Video


Images from the series "Bulatov / Pied Piper" 2020 Ukraine | Photos of actors



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