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Анимационный сериал «Царевны» (2018)

About the plot of the cartoon series "The Princess" 2018 online / Adventure / Family / Fairy tale / Russia

Сthe experiences of the fabulously fascinating the animated series “Tsarevna Online” 2018 unfolds in a fairy kingdom where five princesses live - Vasilisa the Frog Princess, Princess Varvara Krasa Long Scythe, Sleeping Princess Sonya, Daria Tsarevna Nesmeyana and Princess Elena the Beautiful go to the fabulous island of Divnogorie. In the meantime, each of them enjoys their own way of life and it seems that nothing can stop them in this situation. Much to their surprise, all five enchantresses received some kind of ability at birth.

But they need to learn how to use them in order to become real wizards in the future. With so much power, you have to constantly monitor it. It is not so easy to do this, so their fathers decide to send the heroines of the cartoon princess to the same school. She is far from home, but there they will be taught not only to control the force, but also to apply it in the necessary skills. Naturally, girls understand that they will have to leave their home and people close to their hearts.

But they want as soon as possible to go there and spend time as they like. They will miss their home, but it remains to believe that they will never forget this adventure. Ahead of the princesses waiting for a fascinating and exciting journey, which will have to leave its mark. How will their fate in the future and what has prepared their future? Soon it remains to be learned and it remains to hope only for a positive result. What will it actually be?



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