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Man Without a Heart series (2018) watch online melodrama

Smotret serial Chelovek bez serdca 2018 online Ukraina

Человек без сердца сериал (2018) смотреть онлайн бесплатно мелодрама Украинский фильм

Ukrainian mini-series “Man without a heart / Lyudina without a heart” 2018 watch online for free

Гthe heroine is very touching Ukrainian TV series “Man without a heart” online Evgenia Lisitsyna (Anastasia Evgrafova) can only envy. The girl works in a fast-growing company, occupies a highly paid position, and prepare for a wedding with a loved one. The guy already gave the lady of his heart a wedding ring, and a couple in love is preparing intensively for the wedding.

However, holiday efforts have to be postponed when a bell rings in Eugene's apartment, and a small boy appears on the threshold, claiming that he is the son of Yevgenia. It seems to the girl that she has become an unwitting participant in the comedy of the absurd, because it is impossible to have a child and not suspect it. Lisitsyna clearly understands that the kid just made a mistake, but it is already impossible to slam the door in front of the boy’s nose.

It soon becomes clear that the child needs a very complex operation, which requires a lot of money. Eugenia is willing to help an orphan, but another problem arises: not every heart surgeon is able to perform such an operation. More precisely, in Russia there is the only doctor who can help. His name is Vadim Safonov, but the man survived a personal tragedy and no longer operates. Lisitsyna was not accustomed to retreat, and she even manages to persuade the cardiac surgeon to take hold of the scalpel, but fate throws another surprise to the girl.

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A country: Ukraine

Director: Maria Tkacheva
Screenwriter: Alexandra Mironova
Operator: Vasily Sikachinsky
Composer: Roman Kievitsky
Artists: Vadim Shinkarev, Yuri Sirosh
Produced by: Vitaly Sirenko, Andrey Tanabash, Ella Boblenuk

Actors: Anastasia Yevgrafova, Anton Batyrev, Mikhail Gavrilov, Yevgeny Lebedin, Yulia Gapchuk, Elena Stefanskaya, Anna Varpakhovskaya, Dmitry Paleev-Barmansky, Anastasia Tsymbalaru, Karina Shereverova, Olga Morozova, Boris Abramov, Daria Petrozhitskaya, Tatyana Yurikova, Lyudovikova, Olga, Lyashevsky, Vyacheslav Vasilyuk,

Premiere: December 9 2018 (TRK Ukraine)
Series: 4
Genre: Melodrama about love

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