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About the plot of the series “Chernov” 2019 Thriller | Crime | Fantasy | Detective | Russia | NTV channel

Гthe main hero of the exciting series “Chernov” 2019 online Captain Chernov (Victor Loginov) works in the police and copes well with his direct responsibilities. A man is a very valuable employee and is ready to do everything so that no one can prevent him from achieving his final goals. But to a great annoyance, something happened that he did not expect in any way. It happens that when he returns home from work, he learns that criminals have entered his house.

They seriously wounded his wife Lyudmila (Anna Arlanova) and she was immediately taken to the hospital. Doctors miraculously managed to save her life, but the woman fell into a coma. How long she will stay there is unknown, but the situation is just awful. It is not known what all this may actually lead to, but Chernov is going to find the villains who did this. You have to naturally make a large amount of effort, because only in this way will it be possible to extricate yourself from all these troubles.

But besides searching for these criminals, he will also have to deal with other investigations. Ultimately, he begins a difficult life and remains to believe that he will be able to cope with the troubles that will stand in his way. What is it all over and will it be possible for him to fulfill the self-given communication?




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Chernov on NTV - Information about series:

A country: Russia

Director: Sergey Bobrov
Writers: Ilya Rubinstein, Mikhail Smolyanitsky, Ruslan Paushu
Operator: Mikhail Veriysky
Producers: Yuri Sapronov, Natalia Lazareva, Avdey Kiryanov

Actors: Viktor Loginov, Emilia Spivak, Valentine Lyapina, Sergey Gubanov, Maxim Linnikov Islam Zafesov Anna Arlanova, Basil Shemyakinsky Larisa Domaskina Ernest Timerhanov Anton Eldarov, Igor Vetrov, Gleb Podgorodinsky Alexander Polikarpov, Julia Agafonov, Alexander Baranovsky, Alexander Mikhailov, Ilya Obolonkov, Tatyana Oshurkova, Anna Karysheva and others

Production: World Russian Studios
Premiere: 4 March 2019 (NTV)
Series: 12
Genre: Detective, crime film, mysticism, science fiction, thriller, films about the police

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