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The fourth shift of the series (2018) watch online for free crime

Smotret serial Chetvertaya smena online 2018 youtebem.com

About the plot of the series “The Fourth Shift” 2018 online for free all series in a row 1- 10 on NTV / Melodrama / Crime / Russia

РWorking with foreign citizens has long become commonplace for a young operative. Hero series The Fourth Shift 2018 Online Danila Chetkov (Alexey Chadov) daily encounters with visiting Chinese, who sell a wide range of fakes from the Middle Kingdom. Not the best way is the relationship with law enforcement and representatives of other states who came to “raise” money. Corrupt police simply do not fulfill their duty, and extorts funds.
Сериал четвертая смена 2018 с ЧадовымEmployees often cross the line that runs parallel to the law. In any case, such actions cause a lot of indignation among visiting guests. The main character of the film The fourth shift Chetkov works in the department of ethnic crime, therefore, freely contacts with the population of Asia. During the years of service, the man managed to uncover a lot of crimes tied to illegal shipments. So Chetkov appears a large number of detractors among the offenders who want to take revenge on him at a suitable moment for this action.

Soon the policeman makes acquaintance with the Chinese Yong, who suddenly appeared in the medium of commerce. During the conversation, the man learns that the foreigner arrived in the capital with the aim of finding his own daughter. The girl was looking for the best prospects for herself, therefore, having left her native land, she moved to Moscow. After contact with relatives was lost, and a loving father went to clarify the circumstances ...

2018 serial film "The Fourth Shift" all series in a row on NTV online

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A country: Russia
Director: Alexey Bystritsky
Screenwriters: Rodion Beletsky, Andrei Berezhansky, Vyacheslav Kirillov, Alexey Sashin
Operator: Nikolay Smirnov
Composer: Anton Angrif
Artist: Igor Topchanyuk
Producers: Dzhanik Fayziev, Rafael Minasbekyan, Sergey Bagirov, Irakli Karbaya, Kirill Burdikhin, Denis Karyshev, Stepan Korshunov, Natalia Shishkina

Casting Director: Ksenia Makarova
Actors: Alexey Chadov, Viktor Dobronravov, Alexandra Tulinova, Yanbin Shi, Sofia Zhou, Artem Bashenin, Sergey Chirkov, Nadezhda Borisova, Alexey Varushchenko, Olga Sukhareva, Ge Yan, Mikhail Khmurov, Evgeny Kharitonov, Askar Ilyasov, Evgeny Shibalko, Bain Bovaldinov, Sergey Galakhov, Alexander Kim, Lena Kuo
Production: GPM KIT LLC together with KIT Film Studio LLC and IKA PRODUCTION LLC at the request of AO “NTV Broadcasting»
Premiere: October 15 2018 (NTV)
Series: 10
Genre: Crime film, melodrama


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