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Flower Tango serial (2019), watch online for free Russia

Smotret serial cvetochnoe tango 2019 online youtebem.com

Цветочное танго сериал (2019) смотреть онлайн бесплатно Россия

About the plot of the series “Flower Tango” 2019 online for free all series in a row 1- 4 / Melodrama / Russia 1

ВArya is the most common young girl who lived with her parents for a long time. They were her role model and the main character Russian series “Flower Tango” 2019 online always wanted her marriage to be just as strong. But suddenly this whole ideal life collapses when she finds out that her parents are going to divorce. This news shocked her and she decided to change something in her life. One influential man named Vladimir has been courting her for a long time.

She decides to give him a chance and now after a while Varya (Alyona Konstantinova) began to fall in love with him. Everything went as well as possible and it happened that the heroine of the melodrama became pregnant. She was sure that Vladimir would be happy about this, but the effect was completely opposite. In addition, Varya learned that he had been cheating on her with other girls for a long time. She could not tolerate this and therefore ran out into the street, where she accidentally fell under the wheels of a car.

Behind the wheel were two brothers, who immediately took the girl to the hospital. Cooking to great joy did not suffer and her life took the same momentum. But it was after the accident that these two guys began to visit her constantly. They showed interest and even seemed interesting to the girl. But for some reason she was sure that they would not be interested in her problems. What should she do with them now?



Russian series “Flower Tango” 2019 watch online for free hd 720-1080 all series in a row 1-4


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A country: Russia

Director: Alexander Grabar
Screenwriters: Elena Arbuzova, Anna Arbuzova
Actors: Alyona Konstantinova, Denis Vasilyev, Anton Sokolov, Pyotr Barancheev, Anna Polupanova, Olga Dyatlovskaya, Valentina Gartsueva

Premiere: February 10 2019 (Россия 1)
Series: 4
Genre: melodramafilms about family and love

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