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About the plot of the series "Dolphin" 2020 Crime | Detective | Russia | 4 series | NTV channel

дaction detective series "Dolphin" 2020 online takes place in the small coastal town of Yuzhnomorsk. A young operative Andrei Korablev returns from the capital there (Sergey Zharkov) The reason for returning to the city of childhood was the funeral of grandfather, the only person close to him. An old fisherman died at sea.

Andrei, who previously served in the local police department, has many friends left on both sides of the law. After talking with some, he came to the conclusion that the death of his grandfather was not accidental. One of the hypothetically involved is an old friend, Sergei Borovikov. In the recent past, criminal authority has now become an influential businessman.

He is engaged in the purchase of real estate on the coast. Those who do not want to part with their property will face brutal reprisals. The guy meets Inna. The girl is renting a room with Stepanych, a neighbor and an old friend of his grandfather. She works at a branch of the Oceanographic Institute. Visiting the aquarium, he met with the dolphin Ani, rescued after an injury by oceanologists.

The young man in all seriousness declared Inna (Daria Rumyantseva), which understands the language spoken by mammals. For example, this particular name is Vasilisa or Vasya, about which she just informed him. The friendship that arose between two representatives of different types helped a lot in the investigation conducted by the operative.

Trailer of the series "Dolphin" | Premiere March 9 2020

The series "Dolphin" 2020 watch online for free hd 720 all series in a row 1-4


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“Dolphin” Series 2020 - Release Date and Series Information:

A country: Russia

Director: Murad Aliyev
Screenwriters: Victor Budilov, Victor Mikheev, Maxim Yesaulov
Operator: Dimitri Mass
Composer: Alexey Karpov
Artist: Mikhail Gavrilov
Produced by: Viktor Budilov, Dmitry Soshnikov, Dmitry Kuzmin

Actors: Sergey Zharkov, Daria Rumyantseva, Max Maksimov, Sergey Kolos, Alyosha Shablyuk, Kira Kaufman, Denis Sinyavsky, Alexei Baidakov, Evgeny Karpov, Denis Starkov, Alexey Shtukin, Vasily Schipitsyn, Andrey Perovich, Igor Golovin, Dmitry Sobachkin, Dmitry Oleinik, Alexey Oding, Tatyana Zakharova, Valentina Vedernikova, Igor Ugarov, Alexander Kononets, Sergey Ryabchuk, Timofey Milosh

Production: Gamma Production
Premiere: 9 March 2020 (NTV)
Series: 4
Genre: crime movie, detectives online


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