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Girl with a scythe movie (2017) watch online free comedy

Smotret film devushka s kosoy 2017 online youtebem.com

Девушка с косой фильм (2017) смотреть онлайн бесплатно комедия

About the plot of the film "Girl with a scythe»2017 Online | Comedy | Russia

Нresidents of Moscow see a strangely dressed girl in the hands of the heroine New Year's comedy film “Girl with a scythe online” 2017 there is an unusual object that looks like a scythe. The black cloak, in which the thin camp of the girl is wrapped, suggests that this death has come for someone from the people living in the area. Muscovites shoot an unusual guest on a mobile phone and share videos and photos online.

A stormy discussion begins on the Internet about who it is: just an actress, preparing for another role, or, after all, a representative of otherworldly forces, who came for a sinful soul on the eve of the holiday. Two guys decide to get acquainted with a strange woman and get in touch with her first. It turns out that a stranger in a raincoat is looking for Zamorenova Street. It was in the forty-eighth house that a girl with a scythe should find a person to take his soul to heaven.

The girls who do not believe a single word are trying to unravel the mystery of its appearance and prevent a possible fateful meeting of death with those who will have to leave the mortal world in the coming days. They manage to get acquainted with the tenants of the house faster than the culprit of their activity. But will they be able to fulfill their plans or will they be forced to fold before the almighty fate?

Russian film “Girl with a scythe”(2017) comedy watch online

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Girl with a scythe - INFORMATION ABOUT THE FILM:
A country: Russia

Director: Olga Popova
Scriptwriter: Victoria Bugaeva
Operator: Andrey Katorzhenko
Composer: Vladimir Sverdlov-Ashkenazi
Artist: Denis Bauer
Producers: Vladimir Brumberg, Vera Storozheva

Actors: Fedor Dobronravov, Irina Cherichenko, Nina Dvorzhetskaya, Victor Dobronravov, Alexandra Ursulyak, Sergey Medvedev, Mark Bogatyryov, Daria Mingazetdinova, Oleg Gaas, Polina Stremousova, Polina Aug, Sergey Frolov, Alexander Oblasov, Natalia Soldatova
Production: Film company "100film"
Premiere: 14 December 2017, 27 December 2018 (TV1000 Russian Cinema), January 7 2019 (TVC)

Genre: ComedymelodramaNew Year films




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