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Смотреть онлайн "Дикари на Пятнице" шоу все выпуски подряд туристическая передача

нon Friday, there’s one very popular show, Eagle and Tails. In it, the presenters talk about how it is most profitable to relax in a particular country in the world. But on this channel there is a new extreme show that will have a slightly different purpose. It is called "Savages on Friday." The hosts of this travel-related program will be Slava Dubinin and Vanya Kuprienko.

Leading will have a very difficult task. They will have to earn a day in the most exotic and poor cities of the planet. It is there that people are engaged in truly hellish labor. In the first issue, the presenters will travel to the Philippines. They will have to show what they are really worth. The main characters will need to take on absolutely any work.

Throughout the program, they will be given the opportunity to work as a sewer cleaner, scavenger, and worm gatherer in other terrible posts. The main goal of the presenters is to earn more than your partner. Anyone who succeeds in doing this will receive the full amount of his opponent.

The Savages project will be truly interesting for everyone. It is filled with a huge number of very funny and funny situations. Leading will entertain the viewer and lure him into their "network". This show will also have many truly thrashing situations. After all, the presenters will often have to dirty their hands and poke around in the mud.

Trailer of the show "Savages" 2020

Watch online “Savages on Friday” 2020 season 1 all issues in a row tourist show

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    • Genres: Шоу, tourism, Extreme
    • Year of creation: 2020
    • Release date in RF: 13 January 2020
    • A country: Russia
    • TV channel: Friday
    • Entertainment programs
    • Duration: 50 min.


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Images from the TV show “Savages on Friday”Russia 2020 | Photos of presenters and participants


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