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Smotret serial Dinozavr 2018 online Youtebem.com

About the plot of the series “Dinosaur” 2018 online for free all series in a row 1- 10 / Detective / Comedy / Thriller / Russia

Гlove hero detective comedy series “Dinosaur” online convicted Babushkin (Andrey Smirnov) spent long and painful years behind bars. Sergei Timofeevich has authority in the criminal environment. Behind 35 years spent in prisons is a period that a key character has dedicated to building relationships in the underworld.

Динозавр сериал (2018) смотреть онлайн бесплатно комедия

Former skills, incredible scams, accompanied by incalculable luck in the discharge of illegal activities, prompted others to tell stories about it. The man survived the loss of friends and relatives, and therefore, completely abandoned a single drop of freedom. However, measured life comes to an end, when Sergey receives a mysterious letter, carrying amazing news for him, which deprives him of peace.

The fact is that Babushkina is waiting for a pleasant gift - the only child from his beloved woman. The son is already quite an adult man, engaged in a serious matter. Vyacheslav is serving on duty as an investigator in law enforcement, where he is suddenly confronted with problems putting the young guy in a hopeless situation. The fact is that the further safe existence of the daughter depends on his actions. So he communicates with his father and concurrently known gangster, and asks for help.

Series movie “Dinosaur” 2018 online all series in a row 1-10 | Trailer Announcement

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Directors: Evgeny Serov, Vsevolod Aravin, Oleg Kompasov
Screenwriters: Andrey Zhitkov, Alexander Polozov
Operator: Alexey Naydyonov
Composer: Alexey Shelygin
Artist: Leonid Svintsitsky
Producers: Sergey Zhigunov, Tatyana Prozhyko
Actors: Andrei Smirnov, Alexander Pankratov-Cherny, Evgeny Miller, Anna Vasilyeva, Maxim Litovchenko, Mikhail Evlanov, Olga Tumaykina, Ilya Lyubimov, Sergey Epishev, Alexander Berda, Ilya Ilyin, Roman Polyansky, Alexandra Mareeva, Olga Filippova, Yuri Chursin, Elena Safonov, Gennady Yakovlev, Sergey Zhigunov and others.

Production: Production Center Sergey Zhigunov
Premiere: October 8 2018 (NTV)
Series: 10
Genre: crime film, melodrama


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