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Daughters-Mothers (2019) on U channel watch online for free all issues Russia

Smotret serial dochki materi 2019 kanal U youtebem.com

Смотреть передачу Дочки Матери канал Ю 2019 онлайн все выпуски и сезоны подряд на ютубе hd 720-1080

About the plot of the project “Mother Daughters” 2019 on the channel Ю / Russia

Рentertaining TV channel “U” launches a new TV show “Daughter-Mother” 2019 onlinerelated to family problems between family members. In this instructive television project, distrust, misunderstanding will be observed between mother and daughter.

The fair sex is tied to each other in the literal meaning of the word. Their task: to find a common language, to understand the feelings and emotions of another, to respect opinions and to listen to advice. The TV show, broadcast on Mondays, will narrate in detail the hard way to understanding.

For four days, the central characters will have to be tied with a thick rope of a certain size. They will have to do everyday things together. On the first day they live according to the rules of their mother, on the second according to the rules of their daughter. The third day is the most difficult: the protagonists of the issue will have to live at a distance of 20 centimeters.

The fourth is a consolidating result and making it clear: will they be able to continue a good relationship. Each participant will have a hard time making compromises with his own person, feeling guilty and being able to forgive another. This TV show will help loved ones get closer not only mentally, but also literally physically.



Telecast “Mother Daughters” 2019 watch online for free all episodes in a row on U channel | Russia 

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Country: Russia
Production: U channel
Genre: Family TV show, youth series
Duration: 46 min.
Release date for 1 season: 9 September 2019 year

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Images from the show “Daughters-Mothers” Channel “Yu” 2019 | Photos of actors



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