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Mother's daughters series (2019) Ukraine watch online for free all series comedy

Smotret serial dochki materi 2019 online stb youtebem.com

Смотреть фильм Дочки матери 2019 онлайн украинская комедия все серии подряд hd 720 стб

About the plot of the Ukrainian series “Daughters of the mother / Donka-materi” 2019 / Melodrama / Comedy / Ukraine

гheroes comedy series “Daughters mother” 2019 online Igor (Alexander Kobzar) and Natalia (Natalia Vasko) seventeen years have been married. He works as a veterinary doctor, and she teaches at the gymnasium. The couple has a sixteen year old daughter, Christina. Parents are head over to work, they are there for almost a day, and this undoubtedly affects family relations. Gradually, the feelings fade away, only the habit of each other remains, and there is no mutual understanding anyway.

During the next scandal, Natalya decided to divorce. The daughter is already independent, which means that you can pay attention to yourself, although the husband is categorically against separation. But all the documents have been drawn up, and the couple will have to leave. Natalia has a permutation in the frames at work. Her extensive experience in the work is taken into account, and at the top decided to make her director.

Since she divorced, she can devote more time to work. But suddenly she learns about her pregnancy. She and her husband forgot to think about the need to have another child, but fate decided to dispose of otherwise. Not only Christina (Daria Legeyda) is also pregnant, moreover, from major Nikita (Daniil Mireshkin). Such circumstances are not included in the plans of the main characters of this instructive life film “Mother’s Daughters”. You need to pull yourself together and think about how to live in such a difficult situation.


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A country: Ukraine

Mother's Daughters / Donka 2019 Mothers - TV Show Information and Release Date:

Director: Igor Zabara
Screenwriters: Ekaterina Kolesnik, Dmitry Tankovich, Alexey Polyakov, Pavel Krivchik, Dmitry Khripun, Andrey Kuksa, Stanislav Heilo, Slava Yushkov, Artem Beseda
Operator: Vladimir Kratinov
Composers: Sergey Yurov, Edward Pristupa, Roman Vishnevsky
Artist: Maria Chupaylenko
Producers: Lyudmila Semchuk, Dmitry Tankovich, Alexey Polyakov

Actors: Natalia Vasko, Alexander Kobzar, Daria Legeida, Daniil Mireshkin, Slava Krasovskaya, Olesya Vlasova, Oleg Savkin, Andrey Ponomarenko, Tatyana Pechenkina, Vera Kobzar, Sergey Kiyashko, Anatoly Zinovenko, Yuliya Amelkina, Mira Zhuchkova, Fedor Guryne

Production: "Vavёrka Production"
Series: 36
Premiere: May 5 2019
Genre: Melodramafamily comedy


The official instagram actress Darya Legeyda (Darya Legeyda) / Photo - Video

Stills from “Mothers Daughters” series 2019 Ukraine | Photos of actors


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