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About the plot of the film “Doctor Snail” 2018 online for free all series in a row 1-4 / Melodrama / Russia

Оcharming woman Cyrus Ulitina (Maria Kulikova) is a doctor in a prestigious hospital. By the nature of the heroine of the series is indecisive and soft, therefore, in accordance with the name and got the nickname Snail. But there was no resemblance to an insect in the work of a young woman, she is a professional with experience, who proved it in the practical part.

Доктор Улитка сериал (2013) смотреть все серии бесплатно мелодрама

In emergency situations, Cyrus acts immediately and always correctly, and she has repeatedly saved life in the most difficult cases. Having built a wonderful career, the heroine Russian mini-series “Doctor Snail” 2018 online belated with personal life. It so happened that Ulitin was crazy about his boss, Viktor Savelyev (Alexander Efimov), and once he began to reciprocate her. Subsequently, the girl retrained in his mistress. The naive poor thing hoped that the man would leave his lawful spouse and be with her, but the boss was in no hurry to take a serious step.

She did not dare to demand a divorce from her lover, therefore she continued to believe in cheap promises of the chief. Soon Kira gets the "gift" of fate. During a difficult operation, the patient loses his life. The guilt of the main character of the film is not here, her opinion was simply neglected by her colleagues and committed an oversight. It is hard for the girl to survive the presented case, and it so happened that it is Kira who is blamed for the death of a small child.

Movie “Doctor Snail” 2018


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Country: Russia
Director: Eduard Palmov
Scenario: Irina Levy, Marina Kalinicheva
Operator: Alexey Kocoev
Producer: Alexander Kushaev, Yegor Yuzbashev
Composer: Vladimir Sajko
Genre: Melodrama

Cast: Maria Kulikova, Vladislav Reznik, Alisa Petrova, Alexander Efimov, Anatoly Golub, Irina Narbekova, Veronika Tsykunova, Olga Reptukh, Anna Polupanova, Vasily Kozlov, Alexander Geleisha, Kirill Baturo

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