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ПSuch situations happen when love is simply unlucky. That is why some people decide to take part in the television project “House 2 Island of Love Seychelles” 2019 online to find their soul mate. Each of them is sure that he can do this, because it is then that he will be truly happy. To make things work out perfectly, the guys have to go through a considerable number of interesting and exciting tests that they have never had to face before.

Naturally for the heroes, life goes on as usual, but anything can happen on a project. Quarrels and scandals have not been canceled, because in a relationship the main understanding is hard to get from your partner. There are naturally those who manage this, but such people are incredibly small. How this can all end is unknown, but the most important thing is that you just have to enjoy life.

Ahead of the guys waiting for interesting days, when they try to correct all the errors and start all over again. Not everyone will succeed, because love is a very serious thing and sometimes despicable. But it is worth a try, because it cannot be worse. The guys hope for a favorable outcome and simply dream that in the future their life will be adjusted. So will it be or someone not lucky?

Reality TV show “2 House of Love Island” watch online all episodes in a row on TNT | Russia 


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Country: Russia
Hosts: Olga Buzova, Ksenia Borodina
Production: TNT (House-2)
Genre: television reality show


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The official Instagram leading Olga Buzova (Olga Buzova) / Photo - Video

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The official instagram of the leading Kseniya Borodina (Kseniya Borodina) / Photo - Video

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Images from the show “House 2 Island of Love” 2020 TNT | Photos of participants

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