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Watch online comedy film “Dear dictator” 2018 for free in good quality hd 720

ТLatina Mills (Одежда Раш) - a high school student who, according to her school assignment, begins a correspondence with her mastermind Anton Vincent (Michael Caine). The man holds the post of dictator of the island state, and despite the harsh nature, the heroes of this funny the film “My friend dictator” 2018 find a common language. The holder of fear in the whole country and Tatiana have something to chat, however, the girl finds the desired support from her companion.

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Film dorogoy diktator 2018

At school, she is bothered by her peers, at home with her mother there is no understanding, and the guy is concerned with only one topic - religion. Under these circumstances, the heroine feels lonely, and the only support in this difficult period is the dictator from the other end of the world. Soon the country, ruled by Vincent, is experiencing hard times. Due to the coup d'état, the revolutionaries opened the hunt for Anton.

They begin to look for him, therefore he made the decision to come to the USA and settle in a secluded place, for which he found Tatyana's house. Being in deep shock, the girl nevertheless agrees to provide assistance to her pen-pal. Vincent changes appearance and tries not to attract attention. Meanwhile, Tanya listens to his advice, and tries to turn her life around for the better. So she understands with classmates and becomes more confident.

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“My friend dictator” 2018

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Country: USA
Director: Lisa Addario, Joe Syracuse
Scenario: Lisa Addario, Joe Syracuse
Produced by: Mary L. Aloe, Robert Ogden Barnum, Paul Brett, Wayne Chang, Kevin Scott Frykes, Daniel Grodnik, Alan Pao, Tim Smith.
Operator: David Eggby
Production: Hector Coup, Defiant Pictures, Coastal Film Studios
Composer: Sebastian Cowder
Genre: Comedy
Cast: Michael Caine, Odeya Rush, Katie Holmes, Seth Green, Jason Biggs, Rosemberg Salgado, Tony Guerrero



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