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Смотреть фильм другая 2019 онлайн бесплатно украинский детектив

About the plot of the Ukrainian series “Other / Insha” 2019 / Drama / Detective / Thriller / Ukraine

ГLavalny heroine exciting thrilling series “The Other” 2019 online Ulyana and Lera (Natalie Starinkevich) - twin sisters, they are incredibly similar and their entire childhood was not spilled on water, but their external similarity amused them. When the girls grew up Lera got married and went to another city. Ulyana remained to care for her parents, trying to build her personal life in parallel. The communication between the two sisters was in fact interrupted, and for the last few years they have not even spoken at all once.

But once Ulyana became a witness to a crime. The bandits quickly figured it out and opened up a real hunt for her. To save her life, the girl decides to hide in another city and quickly leaves for her sister. But on arrival in the city, a new shock awaits her. It turns out Lera died a few years ago under very strange circumstances.

And the relatives did not even suspect that Lera might have a twin sister and thought that she had returned. The girl decides to take the life of her sister. Of course, she cannot enjoy everything that appeared to her in an instant, but she is also afraid to change something. After all, if she tells the truth to the new family, she will be kicked out and then the young woman will not have anyone to ask for help from the gangsters. And so the truth may never be revealed, and my sister will not be returned anyway.



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A country: Ukraine

Other / Іnsha - Information about the show and the release date:

Director: Dmitry Laktionov
Screenwriters: Igor Ter-Karapetov, Yana Dubinyanskaya
Operator: Mikhail Markov
Producers: Natalia Stribuk, Victoria Korogod, Evgeny Lyaschenko, Irina Chernyak, Vladislav Ryashin

Actors: Natali Starynkevich, Alexander Nikitin, Pyotr Nesterov, Svetlana Malyukova, Kirill Zhandarov, Mila Sivatskaya, Svetlana Stepankovskaya, Dmitry Saranskov, Alexander Kobzar, Igor Petrusenko

Production: Star Media
Premiere: 15 April 2019 (TRK Ukraine)
Genre: Detective, drama, crime, thriller


The official instagram actress Natali Starinkevich (Natali Starinkevich) / Photo - Video

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The official instagram actress Mila Sivatskaya (Mila Sivatskaya) / Photo - Video

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The official instagram of actor Alexander Nikitin (Aleksandr Nikitin) / Photo - Video

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Stills from “Other / Іnsha” series 2019 channel Ukraine | Photos of actors


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