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Murderers serial (2019) watch online free detective film


Смотреть фильм душегубы 2019 все серии подряд на канале нтв детектив

About the plot of the series “Murders” 2019 | Detective | Crime | Russia | NTV channel

р 2019 Osseysky new-thriller detective series “The Slaves” watch online, based on real events taking place during the USSR period, in the Vitebsk region of Belarus. At the center of this story is a maniac, whose name has long been on the list of the most brutal serial killers. He is immediately on the third step, second only to the murderers and monsters Andrei Chikatilo and Anatoly Onoprienko.

For fourteen years, from 1971 to 1985, Gennady Mikhasevich committed thirty-six horrific murders. Maniac was sentenced to capital punishment of the time, and in 1987, he was shot. Investigators who were involved in the disclosure of this paperwork, made a lot of unpardonable mistakes. Due to the negligence of the employees, fourteen people were unjustly convicted for something they had never committed.

And it was necessary that the investigator for particularly important cases of the Prosecutor’s Office of the BSSR intervened in the case, only then could the perpetrator of the crimes be caught and detained. The action of the series takes place in the Vitebsk region in 1984 year. In the middle of the forest they found the body of a young girl. It was immediately evident that this was a murder, and it was committed with extreme cruelty. Mikhail Shakhnovich tried to find the criminal without delay. But he mistakenly arrested people who were absolutely not involved.

The shooting of the series “The Silencers” 2019 | Premiere to be specified 


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2019 settlers NEVSKY 3  SPECIALIST 2019


Slaughterhouse 2019 - Information about the series and release date:

A country: Russia

Director: David Tkebuchava
Screenwriters: Julia Shunto, Alexey Sashin
Operator: Oleg Topoev
Composer: Igor Babaev
Artist: Catherine Tatarskaya
Producers: Anna Olshevskaya, Suzanne Muazen, Irina Bark

Actors: Sergey Marin, Zoya Berber, Sergey Chirkov, Sophia Sinitsyna, Vyacheslav Krikunov, Alexander Samoilenko, Mikhail Filippov, Natalia Koloskova

Production: AMEDIA Production
Premiere: Date to be confirmed 2019 (NTV)
Series: 10
Genre: crime moviedetectives online

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Images from the series “The Slaughters” 2019 NTV | Photos of actors


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