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Смотреть русский фильм Два берега 2019 с Евгением Прониным все серии подряд драма hd 720-1080

About the plot of the series "Two banks" 2019 Online / 16 Series / Drama / Melodrama / History / Channel One / Russia 

дdramatic historical TV series “Two Shores” 2019 online on Channel One begins its epoch-making story from the 30 of the twentieth century, and tells the intricate tough story of two families who live, even in fact and not far from each other, but on different sides of the river. These families of the Sklochins and Ermakovs are united by a rich joint history.

From the very beginning, their youths grow and play together, and adults work together. But during the communist revolution they were deprived of the opportunity to communicate, since the White Guards occupied one coast and the Red Army the other. So the two inextricably had to disperse on opposite sides of the barricades of the civil war for a long time.

And these small settlements began to confront. But once the heads of these communities clashed. And one promised the other that he would kill him at least once more. But he did not appreciate such a nobility, and he himself said that he would slap a bullet in the forehead of the first. But they did not succeed in taking revenge on each other, because life in those days was incredibly difficult and unbearable.

So they forgot about each other. But in the end, they had to remember the past, when their offspring grew up and met, loving each other. And they did not decide to quarrel among themselves, but to join forces and survive together in love. But the previous generation is against it. And now fathers and children will have to conflict.

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A country: Russia

Two Shores 2019 1 Channel - Release Date and Series Information:

Director: Olga Subbotina
Operator: Vadim Buzuev
Producer: Igor Tolstunov
Casting Director Irina Povolotskaya

Actors: Aglaia Shilovskaya, Roman Kurtsyn, Evgeny Pronin, Sergey Gorobchenko, Maria Golubkina, Fedor Bavtrikov, Elena Arosieva, Nail Abdrakhmanov, Vitaly Kornienko, Vasilisa Izmailova, Anastasia Krylova, Marina Lebedeva, Anna Taratorkina, Vitaliy Makhov, Dmitry Popova

Premiere: Update 2019 (The first channel)
Series: 16
Genre: Romance, Family Saga, History, history of the USSR, drama


Images from the series “Two Shores” 2019 Russia - Channel One | Photos of actors


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