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Twelve O'clock movie (2019) watch online free detective on NTV


Смотреть детектив 12 часов онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720

About the plot of the series "Twelve o'clock" 2019 | Detective | Crime | Russia | NTV channel

р Osseysky detective film “Twelve 12 watches” 2019 online introduces the viewer to the CID professional operative named Yuri Savostyanov (Edward Flerov). For many years he served in law enforcement and had the nickname Sava. He approached his duties with full responsibility, tried his best to exterminate crime in the city, tried to achieve justice and restore peace and tranquility to the inhabitants.

At work, he made acquaintance with a young charming lady. Helen firmly settled in his heart and thoughts, and soon planned to play a wedding. But they were partners not only in life, but also at work. Quarrels and disputes practically never arose between them; they could investigate together the most complex crimes. These are true professionals, and joint business management is only for their benefit.

Of course, it can not be happy with a high percentage of detection. For this pair there are extremely few cases that they have not yet disclosed. And so Elena and Yuri come another case. They will go to the cafe to talk to the informant. His absence at the appointed place was a little embarrassing to the heroes of the criminal film. As soon as they appeared in the cafe, a fierce firefight began. It was impossible to understand exactly where the threat comes from. Unfortunately, during the fight Elena dies ...

Trailer | Premiere 2 June 


Watch the movie “Twelve hours” 2019 detective online in good quality hd 720


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2019 settlers NEVSKY 3  SPECIALIST 2019


Twelve 2019 Watch - TV Show Information and Release Date:

A country: Russia

Director: Alan Dzociev
Producers: Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Scenario: Andrey Tumarkin
Operator: Vladislav Gurchin
Actors: Eduard Flerov, Sergey Intyakov, Alexander Pashkov, Yuri Baturin, Alexey Titkov, Denis Moiseev

Premiere: 2 Jun 2019 (NTV)
Series: 2
Genre: crime moviedetectives online


Images from the series “Twelve 12 watches” 2019 NTV | Photos of actors


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