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Two against death series (2019) watch online melodrama Russia

Smotret serial dvoe protiv smerti 2019 online youtebem.com

Watch the film Two vs. Death 2019 online with Guseva all series of melodrama on Channel One

About the plot of the series "Two against death" 2019 Online / 12 Series / Melodrama / Drama / First Channel / Russia

эthat touching series “Two against death” 2019 online on Channel One - about the incredible love of two people who are desperately trying to resist death. Vic (Alexy Komorowski) and Lera (Maria Paley) mortally ill - they both have to live very little. Doctors told Lera that she had a tumor in her brain, and only the operation that foreign doctors will do is able to help her, but the girl’s family simply has no money for it.

Vika is not very different from his lover - the guy has a congenital heart disease, and the only way out of this situation is organ transplantation, but the hero has a very rare blood type, and there is almost no hope that he will succeed in finding a suitable donor.

Movie characters “Two against death” they do not want to darken the already not the best position of the second halves, so they did not tell each other about their diseases. Suddenly, the rich boyfriend's parents find out that their son's lover is an excellent option for a heart transplant to their son.

It is simply impossible to come to an agreement with her family, they sincerely believe that they will be able to find the necessary amount and succeed in having an operation, and Vika’s relatives decided to prevent them from doing so by any means. The father of the sick girl is even ready to cross the line of the law and commit crimes, so long as the daughter lived.

The trailer for the series “Two against death” 2019 | Premiere 22 July

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A country: Russia

Two against the death of 2019 1 channel - Release date and information about the series:

Director: Nurbek Egen
Scriptwriter: Tatyana Artseulova
Operators: Anton Drozdov-lucky, Gleb Vavilov
Composers: Anton Schwartz, Vsevolod Saksonov
Artist: Maria Belozerova
Producers: Yuri Sapronov, Natalia Lazareva, Avdey Kiryanov, Natalia Teterinadi

Actors: Pavel Delong, Ekaterina Guseva, Maria Paley, Alexy Komorowski, Valery Dyachenko, Svetlana Smirnova, Elena Martynenko, Vladimir Maslakov, Igor Chernevich, Dmitry Zhukov, Anastasia Chistyakova, Kirill Baloban, Yulia Erusova, Yevgeny Karpov, Anastasia Lazo, Natalia Vysochanskaya Tatyana Zakharova, Danila Kalabin, Yuliya Marchenko, Konstantin Fedorov-Freivald

Production: “World Russian Studios”
Premiere: 22 July 2019 (The first channel)
Series: 12
Genre: Melodrama, drama, films about family и Love



TV Series Soundtrack - Endeavor - Epic Heart - Fired Earth Music


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The official instagram actress Irina Starshenbaum (Irina Starshenbaum) / Photo - Video


The official instagram actress Ekaterina Guseva (Ekaterina Guseva) / Photo - Video


The official instagram of actor Pavel Delong (Pavel Delong) - Photo / Video

Images from the series “Two against death” 2019 Russia - Melodrama | Photos of actors


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