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About the plot of the series "Double" 2019 / Fantasy / Drama / Channel TV-3 / Russia |

уMain character series “Double on TV 3” 2019 online Artem, a tragedy occurred, not so long ago he experienced a terrible loss - his bride Lily died in an accident. It would seem that on this you can stop the torment of a man, but he has yet to meet with the most terrible enemy for him - with him. Artem lives with a wound bleeding in his soul, which is impossible to heal, but he still finds the strength to continue to live on.

He met a beautiful girl and married her, and began to raise little Sonya. But even this little happiness is not given to save dad from longing. Everything happens even worse when the main character of his protagonist rushes into the more or less peaceful life of the main character, which does not differ in such exemplary behavior. As it turned out, there is another world where Artem is a very cruel and ruthless criminal.

The hero of the mystical thriller Double works as a collector, and he was charged with robbing a bank. But in this reality, the beloved Lily is alive, but there is no sense in it, because she no longer has love for the hero. Artyom is even deprived of the right to choose - he is against his will in the opposite world, and he is destined to take the place of a double. To begin with, he needs to deal with what the “other” Artyom has done, and after that he has to figure out how to win over his beloved again.

Trailer | Premiere 19 April 


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A country: Russia

3 TV Twin - TV Series Information and Release Date:

Director: Alexander Danilov
Screenwriter: Valeria Podorozhnova, Grigory Uchaev
Operator: Konstantin Goryachev
Producers: Efim Lyubinsky, Dmitry Velikanov, Marina Bolshakova
Composer: Alexey Shelygin

Actors: Vladimir Verevochkin, Kristina Alexandrova, Tatiana Kosmachyova, Alexander Fisenko, Vladimir Vinogradov, Elena Vovnenko, Vitaly Kornienko
Anna Kurkova, Konstantin Novikov, Maxim Evseev

Premiere: 19 April 2019 (TV-3)
Genre fiction dramas, mysticism, thriller

The official Instagram actress Kristina Aleksandrova (Kristina Aleksandrova) / Photo - Video

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The official Instagram actress Tatyana Kosmacheva (Tatyana Kosmacheva) / Photo - Video

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