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Joker 3 The Beast of the Beast series (2018) watch online free action

Smotret serial dzhoker 3 okhota na zverya 2108 youtebem.com

Фильм джокер 3 часть

About the plot of the series “The Joker 3 season: The Beast Hunt” 2018 online for free all series in a row 1-4 / Action / Crime / Russia

У Arthur Queen is a nickname. Everybody calls him the Joker and this is no accident. It turns out that in the past the main character series “The Joker 3 Beast Hunt” 2018 online He was a sniper and just coped with his work. He was sure that he would continue to work in exactly the same spirit and therefore he would never have thought that he would have to change his line of business.

The whole reason is that once his beloved girl is kidnapped by dangerous people. To great joy, Arthur managed to free her, but it was then that he realized that it was time to finally stop with his work. He greatly risks not only his life, but also the lives of people close to him. And now he already lives quite peacefully and he likes the fact that everything is just this way. He enjoys this silence, which he had never had before.

But on a typical day, he learns that his comrades in arms were in great danger. The protagonist of the Russian criminal action movie understands that he is the only one who can help them in this situation and therefore is ready to risk everything to save their lives. He is again going to take up arms and go to do what he does best. Will he manage to cope in this difficult situation and what will he expect in the near future? What is all over?




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Joker 3 season - FILM INFORMATION:

Country: Russia

Director: Mikhail Pogosov
Scriptwriter: Mikhail Pogosov
Composer: Stanislav Egiyants
Producers: Mikhail Pogosov, Stanislav Egiyants

Actors: Dmitry Klepatsky, Yuri Kormushin, Oleg Shklovsky, Tatiana Khramova, Igor Savochkin, Evgeny Berezovsky, Alexander Borisov, Evgeny Osokin, Igor Zhizhikin, Dmitry Blazhko, Sergey Legostaev, Igor Filippov, Alexey Ushakov, Dmitry Kim, Sayat Abadjyan, Marianna Vasilyeva, Alexey Aptovtsev, Anatoly Kotenev, Irina Rudominskaya, Oleg Lebedev, Sergey Pogosov, Anna Nevskaya, Emilia Pogosova, Ilya Sozykin, Stanislav Erklievsky, Maria Syomkina

Premiere: November 11 2018 (REN TV)
Genre: Action, crime movie

Images from the movie “The Joker 3 part: The hunt for the beast” 2018 | Photos of actors



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